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Grass-Fed Traditions
premium grass-fed meats and pastured poultry from small-scale family farmers

Grass-Fed Traditions is committed to providing grass-fed meats, pastured poultry and grass-fed dairy products produced by family farms with animals that graze on pasture. We offer you North American grass-fed bison, Galloway grass-fed beef, grass-fed lamb, pastured poultry raised on pasture and Cocofeed, soy-free eggs, and some of the finest butter made from the milk of grass-fed cows. Shipping is available to all 50 states.

Our soy-free eggs also come from family farmers in Wisconsin. They use mostly heritage breed chickens, and they are free range and cage free. These chickens eat Cocofeed, which is soy free and high in Omega 3 fatty acids. They are pastured in the summer.

Learn more about our soy-free eggs.

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Grass-fed Beef from Galloway Cattle Raised on Family Farms

Our grass-fed beef comes from the Galloway breed raised on organic pastures in Wisconsin by small-scale family farmers.

Learn more about our Grass-fed Beef.

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Grass-fed Bison: Raised and Finished on Grass

Our grass-fed bison (buffalo) are 100% grazed on pasture and also 100% finished on pasture, unlike most of the bison industry where the bison is finished in feedlots on grain.

Learn more about our Grass-fed Bison.

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Grass-fed Lamb Raised by Family Farmers in Wisconsin

Our grass-fed lamb is raised in the rolling hills of the driftless area of Wisconsin by family farmers. Learn more about our Grass-fed Lamb.

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Pastured Organic Raw Pet Food

Our raw pet food line consists of our unique pastured raw chicken steaks made from our pastured soy-free chickens and coconut. We also offer raw organ meats and bones. Learn more about ourOrganic Raw Pet Food.

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Grass-fed Dairy Products

Grass-fed Traditions currently sources butter from the milk of pastured cows in Wisconsin and the German Alps. We plan to offer more pastured dairy products in the future. Learn more about our Grass-fed Butter.

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Pastured Poultry: Chickens and Turkeys
Raised on Pasture and Soy-free Feed

Our chickens are free-range and pastured on lush organic pastures in Wisconsin in the summer time. They eat Cocofeed, a soy-free mixture that contains coconut pulp.

Learn more about our Pastured Chickens.

Our turkeys are also raised outdoors by family farmers in Wisconsin in the summer time on Cocofeed, a soy-free feed mixture that contains coconut pulp. We might be the only source where you can buy a pastured turkey raised outdoors on organic pasture and a feed that is soy-free.

Learn more about our Pastured Soy-free Organic Turkeys.


Customer Comments:

Highly recommend Tropical Traditions! We placed a meat order and it totaled over $300. A man from Tropical Traditions called me before it shipped to make sure we were expecting the order and no fraud was taking place. Wow! That was a nice touch! The meat arrived still frozen and in a timely manner. The meat is nicely packaged, no blood on the outside of the packages like we experienced when ordering from another website. Already loved Tropical Traditions for their coconut oil, now love them for their meat, too! Donna - Satsuma, AL

I just received your pastured poultry. I wanted you to know that the first pastured chicken I cooked last night was beyond a doubt the BEST CHICKEN I have ever eaten. The flavor was outstanding. I put a little coconut oil on the top as it was roasting. The test was in the eating of this product. I didn't even have to use salt to give it flavor. Beyond a doubt this is one of the best purchases I have made from you. After these chickens are gone, I'll be ordering more! Vicki - Houston, Texas

I was first impressed with the way the eggs were packed for shipping! Not a single egg, out of 48, was cracked. The eggs are large and full. The shells are very strong, as is the inner membrane. There are no small pieces of shell to deal with and the strong yolk did not break when dropped into the pan. The flavor is outstanding. I would describe it as rich. These eggs are definitely the healthiest and best tasting eggs I have ever eaten! Bob - La Grande, OR

Just wanted to let you know that your lamb is the best! I ordered some lamb arm roasts and ground lamb. The lamb was delicious and is by far the best lamb I have eaten and I have had other grass fed lamb. Robert - Payson, AZ

The eggs and grassfed meat are excellent and shipping cost is most reasonable. I have been ordering from Tropical Traditions for many years and all orders have been fulfilled in a timely manner. George - Arlington Heights, IL

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