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Healthy Traditions has Small Business Loans for Restaurant Owners Who Want to Take Their Restaurant Online

Posted by Brian Shilhavy on

Healthy Traditions is looking to partner with struggling restaurants that have been forced to shut down during the current COVID-19 situation to help them take their business online. Small business loans may also be available to help make the transition.

Up to 80% of the nation's restaurants are currently facing business failure according to some estimates, forcing many restaurant owners to find new ways to survive.

By offering meals online, either for pick up or delivery, a restaurant can increase their market presence.

Healthy Traditions has an 18 year history of being an online high-end food delivery ecommerce business. We sell mostly food ingredients, but we are open to partnering with like-minded restaurant businesses to expand into meal delivery services, a sector of the food industry that has seen tremendous growth in recent years, and is expected to grow even more now with changing consumer habits in eating out.

What Types of Restaurants are We Looking for to Partner Together?

Ideally, restaurants that seek to source high-end ingredients from local sources, or ethnic restaurants that may import high-quality food, such as Italian restaurants importing food from Italy, and are not simply ordering their food from the commodity-based restaurant supply companies are ideal.

We test all our products for herbicides and pesticides such as glyphosate, and if a product has a GMO equivalent in the market place we also test for the presence of GMOs, as even USDA certified organic products are highly contaminated today.

If a current restaurant does not have a good supply chain for such foods, we can help with this too as we have developed strategic relationships of high-end quality foods from suppliers both domestically and abroad. Our corn, for example, is what we believe is among the highest quality corn found anywhere in the world, being directly sourced from a province in Mexico that prohibits GMOs and still uses traditional heirloom varieties.

Our specialty, of course, are our oils. We started the coconut oil revolution in America back in 2002, showing America that coconut oil received a bad reputation not because it was unhealthy, but because it was condemned (wrongly) with other saturated fats that have been in the food chain for thousands of years.

We also have high quality olive oils, palm shortening from sustainable farms in Central America, and will soon add a high quality sesame oil to our product line.

Modern vegetable oils from corn and soy, or the genetically modified rapeseed oil known today as "Canola Oil" are not considered worthy of our consideration.

If your restaurant has empty freezer and refrigeration storage available, you may also be able to participate with our project to identify custom slaughterhouses and local ranchers across the U.S. during the current meat shortage problem, as we look to try and organize "herd shares" across the country partnering local meat producers with consumers willing to invest in their operation.

So if the opportunity to partner together with Healthy Traditions is appealing to you as a restaurant owner who likes to start offering high quality food online, contact us here, and tell us a little bit about your business.


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