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Porlex Tall Grinder II

With its newly designed burr set, the Porlex II can grind beans
easier, faster, and more evenly. This results in even grounds, which brew a
better cup of coffee. With the new burr, the per click adjustment changes an
average of 37 microns - meaning you can further dial in your favorite
recipe. Made in Japan with higher quality materials than its predecessor,
the Porlex II is high quality hand grinder great for travel or everyday home

- New and Improved Ceramic Burr Set
- Made of Higher Quality Materials than Porlex I
- Made in Porlex's Kirishima City, Kagoshima Factory in Japan
- Grinds Faster, Easier, and More Evenly than Porlex I
- Ceramic Burrs do not Absorb Water, Smells, and Will Not Rust
- Each Click Will Make an approximately 37 Micron Change
- Slim, simple design is very portable and will fit in an AeroPress
- 30g Approximate Capacity
- Detailed Instructions Included

Instructions for Use:

    1. Adjust Burr to Appropriate Grind Setting eg. Pour-Over = 9-11 Clicks
    2. Weigh Coffee (~30g capacity)
    3. Remove Lid and Add Coffee
    4. Ensure Grinds Cup is Secure
    5. Attach Handle Until it Reaches the Base of the Shaft
    6. Hold the Grinder Body with One Hand and the Handle with the Other
    7. Rotate Clockwise
    8. There Will be Resistance Throughout Grinding
    9. Empty Grinds Cup Full of Fresh Ground Coffee into Desired Brew Method
    10. Make Delicious Coffee
    11. Enjoy Freshly Made Delicious Coffee
    12. Clean Grinder Regularly


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Our coffee beans are grown organically by a co-op of small family farmers in Guatemala.  

The producing members own small farms, an average of 2 hectares each, on which they plant coffee as well as other crops for diversification, including bananas, citrus fruit like oranges and lemons, avocado, guava, and cassava. 

The farmers are paid a fair price for their crop to help ensure their continued success.

To make sure the beans are as pure as possible, we have them lab tested for a long list of pesticides and herbicides, as well as for glyphosate. 

The sample tested came back with no trace of any chemicals.

We are offering both roasted beans and green beans for long term storage and home roasting.

Our roasted beans are roasted to order once per week and ship on Wednesday, ensuring you receive the freshest roasted coffee available, short of roasting it at home. 

Once the beans arrive, we suggest you store them in an air-tight glass jar.

Our green beans can be prepared for long term storage just as any other type of grain, by ensuring the oxygen is removed from the storage container and storing it away from heat and light. 

A freezer works great, or in plastic pails lined with mylar and oxygen absorbers.

Home roasting is not complicated and can be mastered with a little practice.  By roasting your own beans at home you can always experience the freshest roast and have fun experimenting with different roasts and techniques. 

Many home roasters start with a simple cast iron skillet and roast on an outdoor heat source.  Others use popcorn air poppers or "Whirley-Pop" popper.  Of course there are appliances that are specific to coffee roasting as well.

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