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Screw Top Pail

The new generation of the Life Latch® Screw-top Pail is an excellent choice for long-term storage of grains, flours and most any type of food.

The pail has a moisture resistant, air-tight seal that will protect your stored foods for many years to come.

The pail and lid are made from FDA Food Grade Raw HDPE material.  The thickness is a robust 90 mil, which is much thicker than similar 70 mil pails that are most widely available.

The lid is easy to use, even for those with hand issues that may have prevented you from using other screw-on lid pails in the past.  Simply rotate the lid until the latch snaps in place.  To remove, press the locking mechanism while rotating.

The wide handle makes carrying heavy loads in the pail more comfortable.

    - Made in the USA from US materials
    - BPA free and FDA Food Grade certified
    - 16.04 inches tall with the lid on
    - 11.25 inch outer diameter at the top
    - Moisture resistant, air-tight seal
    - Ultimate protection for your food products

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Life Latch® New Generation Screw-top Pail - 5 gallon

Life Latch® New Generation Screw-top Pail - 5 gallon

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