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4 dozen Glyphosate-Tested Soy-free Eggs
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4 dozen Glyphosate-Tested Soy-free Eggs

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Note: If you live in California, please read this BEFORE you order eggs! California Department of Food and Agriculture is destroying some shipments of eggs. More.

We are no longer shipping eggs to California as of September 2017

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Purchase Soy-free Eggs
High in Omega 3!

Healthy Traditions soy-free eggs are unique!

These chickens are raised by family farmers and eat a soy-free feed mixture that has no genetically modified grains (no GMOs!). Healthy Traditions developed the feed the chickens eat, and we test it for GMOs and glyphosate.

Why No Soy?

Soy has become a big part of the human diet post World War II, with the result that there are many people with soy allergies today, and many people today are trying to reduce or eliminate soy protein from their diet. (See the book The Whole Soy Story.)
Soy is the cheapest protein available today, and it is a major component of most animal feeds. Cheap soy protein allows chickens to grow the fastest, and produce the maximum amount of eggs during their peak laying cycles.

If you believe you are allergic to eggs, it could be that you are in fact allergic to soy protein that researchers have now found to be present in egg yolks. Almost all commercial eggs, including those that are organic or marketed as "Omega 3" eggs, are from chickens fed high concentrations of soy.
So if eggs are a part of your diet today, so is soy protein, whether you realize it or not. Healthy Traditions wanted to offer a soy-free egg from chickens that eat NO SOY. Healthy Traditions soy-free eggs have been tested to be soy-free!

Why No Corn?

When we tested our USDA certified organic poultry feed purchased from an organic feed mill, we found alarmingly high amounts of GMOs and glyphosate in the corn that was included in the poultry feed, even thought it was USDA certified organic.
So we stopped using corn in our feed. We now source our own feed, including ingredients grown by our famers that test clean.

Highest Omega 3 Content!

We don't simply add flaxseed or flax meal to our chicken feed to make it "high Omega 3." In addition to eliminating soy, our chickens eat a high quality fish meal and crab meal.

Our fish meal is from deep ocean water small fish, and our crab meal comes from the cold waters of the Pacific Northwest or Nova Scotia.
They are very high quality products that add not only a high quality protein to replace soybeans, but also the purest form of Omega 3 fatty acids that come from fish sources.

Laboratory testing has shown that our eggs contain almost twice as much of the Omega 3 fatty acids as organic "Omega 3" eggs that derive their Omega 3 fatty acids from flax seeds.

And we not only add high quality Omega 3 sources to our chicken's diet, we completely eliminate the high amount of Omega 6 fatty acids that are contained in soy. Most nutritionists agree that our diet is unbalanced in its ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 fatty acids because of the abundance of soy and corn in our diets today.

Healthy Traditions soy-free high Omega 3 eggs supply a much better Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio because of the absence of soy.

Cage Free - Pastured

These eggs do not come from "factory birds" where the chickens are kept in cages their whole lives and never see sunlight or go outdoors.
In the summer, these chickens are pastured on lush Wisconsin grass where they are free to roam around and eat other things besides their feed, such as bugs, worms, etc.

They also have access to the outdoors during the cold winter months, although there is no green pasture for them. Their diet is supplemented with sprouts and alfalfa during the winter.

NOTE: Because our chickens live in Wisconsin, they are not on green pasture during the winter. And because we no longer use corn in our feed, due to the presence of GMOs and herbicides even in USDA organic corn, this will result in very light colored yolks during the winter months.

However, even with pale egg yolks, these are still very high quality eggs from chickens that eat no soy, no corn, no GMOs, and no grains contaminated with herbicides or pesticides. These are very high quality eggs, even when the egg yolks are pale!

Farm Fresh Eggs Shipped to your Door!

Healthy Traditions has designed a special box for delivering eggs to you! This box is designed to hold four dozen eggs:


The box and dividers are 100% recyclable, and no plastic, Styrofoam, or bubble wrap is used. We have tested these boxes, and the eggs do not break! But even if they do, we will gladly refund or reship, so you can order in confidence!

The Egg box

The Egg box

The farmers use coconut water vinegar or apple cider vinegar to clean the eggs, and then apply a coating of Virgin Coconut Oil to the shell to keep them fresh until they are delivered to you!

Note: Eggs are shipped directly from the farm in Wisconsin on Monday and Tuesday each week. Shipped in multiples of four dozen.

If you are concerned about egg shipment temperature, choose an expedited shipping option at check out, or do not order during warm weather months.

Customer Comments:

These eggs are unbelievable. The whites are extremely fluffy and the yolks are a great color. They are so tasty! They are excellent in recipes or are just fabulous by themselves. Being overwhelmed by all of the soy in all of our foods, it is great that I can count on Tropical Traditions to deliver the best alternative. Jon - Bridgewater, MA

I received the eggs today & already prepared two omelets for me & my 18 y/o son. They were just awesome! They tasted so fresh & had a lot of 'character', clearly not your average "supermarket" egg! I am so happy to have discovered your site. One more thing - your customer service was wonderful - real people talking to real people who cared, what a treat! Patrick - Brooklyn, NY

I was first impressed with the way the eggs were packed for shipping! Not a single egg, out of 48, was cracked. The eggs are large and full. The shells are very strong, as is the inner membrane. There are no small pieces of shell to deal with and the strong yolk did not break when dropped into the pan. The flavor is outstanding. I would describe it as rich. These eggs are definitely the healthiest and best tasting eggs I have ever eaten! Bob - La Grande, OR

My eggs arrived today beautifully packaged. They are wonderfully fresh and tasty with lovely firm rich yellow yolks and thick brown shells. Yummy. Thank you for providing us with SOY FREE farm fresh eggs...Lynn - Alta Loma, CA

My order came quickly and the eggs were packaged very well. I was a little nervous when the delivery guy was handling the box rather roughly wondering if I would have scrambled eggs. But everything was fine! Paulette - Farmington Hills, MI

I have rarely written reviews on products as one naturally expects to receive in the best possible condition what one has ordered. Alas, one sometimes does find that to be a misnomer especially with food. With great trepidation, I ordered four dozen eggs from Tropical Traditions in the middle of the summer. Within a very short time the eggs arrived. I unpacked them and put them in the refrigerator. That night I scrambled eggs for my husband who is a diabetic and is extremely sensitive to what he eats. He proclaimed them to be the best eggs he had ever eaten even over the organic eggs from the farmers' market which are probably fed soy feed. Feeding the chickens the coconut feed makes their eggs sweeter with a taste that is wonderful. Surprisingly, not one egg had broken during the shipping! I just, today, received another shipment and we will continue to order our eggs from Tropical Traditions. We are also looking forward to trying their other products. Thank you. Brenda - Bradenton, FL

Note: These eggs are not graded and will vary in size. They are shipped to you directly from the farm. The farmers are part of Wisconsin Pastureland. HealthyTraditions provides the payment service for you to purchase these eggs directly from the farmer, and delivery is provided to you via a national transportation company such as FedEx or UPS which you will choose at check out. Eggs are shipped unrefrigerated. Contact us for alternative delivery options if you need refrigerated shipping.

The expiration date of fresh eggs is generally 30 days, but with proper handling and storage they can last 4-6 weeks beyond that period.


Professor M. Monica Giusti of The Ohio State University has done research on soy isoflavones appearing in commercial egg yolks.

In 2009 one of her graduate students conducted some research on soy protein in egg yolks for a thesis, and Tropical Traditions supplied some of their Cocofeed (a special feed we developed with no soy) for the study.
Their research found:

"Egg yolks of hens provided with the soy free diet, showed a rapid decrease of isoflavone concentration. From an initial isoflavone content of 52µg ± 0.73/100g it quickly diminished until at day 7, the concentration reached individual aglycone undetectable levels."

The chickens that were fed our Cocofeed were laying hens, and had been raised on a traditional soy-based chicken feed. Their results showed that laying hens that are fed our Cocofeed, even when raised on soy-based diet, quickly lose soy protein in egg yolks once they start eating our soy-free Cocofeed.

After 7 days there were "undetectable levels" of soy protein in the egg yolks.
The research is here. Please note: This research is pro-soy. The researchers believe that soy is a health food, and their studies on soy protein appearing in egg yolks was seen as a way to get more soy protein into people's diets.

soy free eggs chicken logo

Mushroom and Red Pepper Mozzarella OmeletMushroom and Red Pepper Mozzarella Omelet
Prepared by Sarah Shilhavy, Photo by Jeremiah Shilhavy




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Lee R.
United States United States

as in every order for many years now the eggs are good and soy free

A Healthy Traditions Customer
Melissa S.
United States United States

Great eggs

When my local eggs are out of stock, these come to the rescue!

Barbara B.
United States United States

Adjusting to the color and loving how they feel in my body!

I read the heads up about light yellow in winter…but never realized how dark color signified freshness in my psyche. I love the way they feel in my body and taste soooo adapting to re-educating my psyche.

Edward J.
United States United States

Glysophate Tested Soy Free Eggs

Excellent ! Could not have been better !

Edward J.
United States United States

Glysophate Tested Soy Free Eggs

My experience has been excellent with the Glysophate Tested Soy Free Eggs. They are delicious and it is very reassuring to me to know that the hens were not fed any soy and that the eggs were tested for for Glysophate. I highly recommend these eggs for anyone who really cares about their health and desires the highest quality eggs.