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You can send us an email message through the form below. Please be as specific as possible and include your name and email address so we can answer your questions.

Before emailing us, please check to see if your question is answered in our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Top Questions asked:

1. What is the difference between your coconut oils? Answer: This answer is in our Frequently Asked Questions page which includes a chart comparing all of the coconut oils we sell.

2. How much does shipping cost? Answer: Put the items into your cart that you are interested in, and then when you check your cart, you will see a "shipping estimator" at the bottom of the page that you can use for shipping estimates based on zip codes.

3. Has my order been shipped? Answer: Anyone can check the status of their order online by clicking on Check order Status.

4. How can I change my email address? Answer: You can change your email address, shipping address, and billing address by clicking on My Account.

5. How can I cancel or change my order? Answer: Click on Check order Status and click on the invoice number of the order you want to cancel or change. If the order has not shipped yet, you can cancel it by clicking on the "cancel" button on your invoice. You can then place a new order if you wish.

6. I received my coconut oil, what do I do with it now? Answer: Read the Frequently Asked Questions page.  You can also purchase the Virgin Coconut Oil book for ideas and over 85 recipes.

7. Are your coconut products produced in a facility where they can come in contact with allergens such as tree nuts, gluten, milk, etc.? Answer: The facilities that process our coconut oil and coconut products are dedicated to coconut products only. They are free of gluten, milk/dairy, peanuts, and tree nuts.

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