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Alaskan Copper River Salmon

Wild Caught Copper River Alaskan Sockeye Salmon

Wild Caught Copper River Alaskan Sockeye Salmon fillet image

Copper River Salmon: A Unique Treat!

Tropical Traditions sources their Copper River Sockeye Salmon directly from fishermen in Alaska. The Copper River is a 300 mile river in Alaska that empties into Prince William Sound at the town of Cordova. Each spring salmon fat with rich Omega 3 oil stored up in their body swim upstream fighting against cold rapids.

Grizzly Bear Catching Copper River Salmon pictureCopper River Salmon are highly sought after!

Thirty years ago Jon Rowley, a former Alaska salmon fisherman from Seattle, brought some Copper River Salmon to a few restaurants in Seattle. Prior to this time the beautiful oily Copper River Salmon were simply destined to the canneries.

People in the Northwest U.S. fell in love with the beautiful Copper River Salmon from Alaska, and they have become legendary in fine restaurants on the West Coast ever since, often commanding a price of up to $50.00 per lb. flown in fresh from Alaska. Now, you can order Copper River Sockeye Salmon from Tropical Traditions and have it delivered directly to your door without having to travel to expensive restaurants!

Copper River Sockeye Salmon pictureCopper River Sockeye Salmon: Prized for its deep red color and high Omega 3 oils

The Source of Copper River Salmon

Tropical Traditions sources the finest quality wild & natural Alaskan Copper River Salmon imaginable from a second generation Alaskan fishing family. Each fish has been wild harvested and handled with great care aboard a small family owned fishing boat. Special quality enhancing equipment and techniques used onboard result in a level of excellence that is just not possible within the larger supply chain.

Copper River Salmon on Fishing Boat in Alaska pictureWild Caught Alaskan Salmon

The Copper River Salmon Catch

Always Wild Caught, Sustainable & Pure.

Conscientious handling techniques are used at sea to preserve quality and ease stress levels of the fish. This results in an extended shelf life, a moist and tender flake and exceptionally clean flavor.

On board, insulated fish holds, custom made slush ice bags and layer icing are all utilized to preserve freshness and maintain a consistently well chilled temperature throughout the harvest period.

Wild Copper River Salmon is neither threatened nor endangered. Commercial harvest limits are closely monitored and restricted by the State of Alaska in order to safeguard each species and their surrounding ecology.   Fisheries within the state of Alaska are sustainable. Wild Alaskan seafood is accepted as a "best choice" for an environmentally concerned consumer.   In 2006 Alaska’s Halibut fishery was also awarded certification by the Marine Stewardship Council, proving once again Alaska Seafood to be the top choice for sustaining a healthy environment.   Alaska’s abundant fish stocks and diverse wildlife are a testament to the wisdom of these stringent management guidelines.

Alaskan Wild Caught Fish Kept on Board Boat picture Fresh Caught Wild Salmon on ice picture

Processing & Packaging  

Small, artisan quality batches are butchered and packed by hand in a DEC and State of Alaska approved facility. Our advanced quality packaging protects your Copper River Salmon from harmful air, moisture and freezer odor that cause a deteriorated flavor and texture over time.

Copper River Salmon is hand filleted and portioned into an approximate 1 lb. portion size. They are individually vacuum sealed in airtight packages.

Orders are shipped Mondays through Wednesday each week.*

Wild Caught Alaskan Fish

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