100% Pure Coconut Oil

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Pure Coconut Oil

Pure Coconut Oil

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Tropical Traditions Pure Coconut Oil

Tropical Traditions 100% pure coconut oil is produced in the Philippines. This high quality coconut oil is made from coconuts in rural areas of the Philippines far away from large cities. This is a traditional coconut oil with no chemical processing, andtested for the presence of glyphosate.

Brian Shilhavy discovered this premium coconut oil while living in the Philippines. The coconut oil is produced in a local coconut oil mill which is supplied by coconut producers from the same area of the Philippines where the Tropical Traditions Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil is produced. The coconut oil is produced by the expeller-pressed method using a mechanical extraction process. No solvent extracts such as hexane are used in the refining process. This 100% pure coconut oil is a popular local product in the Philippines, and Tropical Traditions is the only one exporting it into the US market.

We feel this premium coconut oil rivals many of the more expensive coconut oils in the market in both quality and taste. The taste of this coconut oil is very bland due to it being steam deodorized. This coconut oil provides a very neutral and consistent flavor to foods. Because this coconut oil does not go through the expensive organic certification process, it is much more affordable than other coconut oils sold as "organic" or "virgin," yet we feel it rivals or is superior to many other coconut oils on the market that are over-priced. The coconuts that are sourced to produce this pure coconut oil come from the volcanic rich soil of Quezon Province in the Philippines, from the same areas where our organic farmers provide organic certified coconuts to produce our Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil. This is our most affordable coconut oil.

This pure coconut oil is packaged in glass jars and in HDPE food-grade pails.

Customer Comments

I am a new fan of Tropical traditions which was introduced to us by a wonderful nutritionist who was speaking in our Women's group. I am making small steps towards healthy living thanks to Tropical Tradition's expeller-pressed coconut oil which is the best coconut oil I have tasted. Even my husband who is really picky did not complain (unlike the coconut oils I've used from other companies) and is now using it everyday. It does not have the taste and smell of coconut. It has a distinct rich taste that's not greasy, and most of all you know that it's healthy. As our nutritionist speaker said "coconut oil is the only healthy oil for frying." It is just extraordinarily excellent and affordable. I love Tropical Tradition's fast delivery & the many ongoing sales of their products which gives the consumers a chance to try them & save more. I highly recommend Tropical Tradition's expeller-pressed coconut oil & the company itself as a whole. I will be a fan for life and looking forward to try the rest of its healthy products! Vivian - Irvine, CA

I have purchased both virgin and expeller pressed coconut oil from them for a number of years and have always been extremely happy with the quality of their product and also very happy doing business with their company. That is why I have kept coming back. Pricegrabber Review

I use the expeller pressed for cooking where I definitely don't want coconut flavor or smell! Tonja

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