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Clary Sage Essential Oil - 5g
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Clary Sage Essential Oil - 5g

Clary Sage

Salvia Sclarea

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Product Overview: 

Country of origin


Cultivation mode


Extraction process

Steam distillation






IFRA certificate
Technical data sheets (TDS)

No animal testing


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Essential Oils Imported from France

What Separates Our Essential Oils From Other Essential Oils?

The Florihana distillery has developed a highly innovative technology called "flash detente", developed and perfected in its own laboratory. This process is unique in the world of aromatherapy.

The results go far beyond even Florihana's own expectations because they have managed to perform extractions using steam at very low temperatures.

The volatile elements are driven to much lower temperatures than their boiling point, which prevents their decomposition and thus maintains the characteristics of molecules very similar to those produced by plants.

World Class Premium Florihana Essential Oils From France

Essential oil (steam distillation), essence (expression) and absolute come from botanically defined vegetable raw materials and are 100% pure, 100% natural and the majority are100% certified Organic: CEE by Ecocert and NOP-JAS by Control Union BV

Traceability from production to delivery with tracking of batches on the bottles and invoices (SAP).

High safety due to presence of technical information on all product pages: GCMS of all batches, MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet), IFRA and allergen certificates. 

Florihana Essential Oils Frequently Asked QuestionsFlorihana Essential Oils from France banner image

Who is Florihana?

Florihana is a distillery located in Provence, France, not far from the cities of Grasse and Cannes. Their distillery is located in an extraordinary site rich in biodiversity: The Caussols plateau in the heart of the French Riviera. The French are world-renown throughout history when it comes to high quality plant fragrances, and Florihana carries on the tradition today with much pride.

Florihana has a world-renown history of producing some of the highest quality essential oils in the world, and their products are well known in Europe, as well as throughout Japan and China. Learn more about their distillery and process in this video:

Learn more about Florihana and their distillery here.

Why Did Healthy Traditions Choose Florihana Essential Oils?

Healthy Traditions has been using Florihana organic essential oils in its virgin coconut oil skin care products for over ten years. We have a lot of experience with Florihana's products, and we can vouch for their consistent high quality. We felt that the time had come to offer their essential oils to the U.S. market, as hundreds of thousands of our customers have already enjoyed their oils in our skin care line.

Are These Essential Oils "Therapeutic Grade?"

"Therapeutic grade" is a term used by certain companies in the United States who sell essential oils, but it is not an internationally defined term, nor is there any independent third party certification organization certifying essential oils as "therapeutic grade."

Most of the time "therapeutic grade" is a term used to distinguish pure essential oils made from plant extracts, particularly through the distillation method, as opposed to other types of fragrances mass produced for products such as cosmetics, soaps, etc. Many fragrances, even some which might be marketed as "essential oils", are derived from petrochemicals or synthetic sources, and therefore are not considered "therapeutic grade." Using this distinction, the Florihana essential oils could most certainly be classified as "therapeutic grade."

However, pure essential oils are completely natural and cannot be patented, and therefore in the United States there are currently no essential oils that have been approved for "therapeutic" claims, as this is the domain of pharmaceutical drugs, where patents can be earned and a return on the cost of bringing a patented drug to market can be recovered. The FDA in the United States has not approved any "therapeutic" claims for essential oils, so we choose not to use that designation.

When determining the quality of essential oils, we believe two important factors must be considered:

  • The source of the plant from which the oil will be extracted, and
  • The process of extraction to preserve as much of the essence of the original plant source as possible.

    In considering these two factors, we believe Florihana essential oils are among the top quality essential oils in the world, and second to none.

    A few of their plant sources come directly from their own fields, such as their wild lavender. These plant sources grow in harmony with the ecosystems that are native to plants. The French are world-renown, for example, for their high-quality lavender (see video above, where the wild lavender is still harvested by hand.)

    For other plant sources Florihana purchases them from organic sources around the world, in places where those plants are native to the ecosystem. They do not have a huge plantation where herbs and plants are cultivated in a mono-crop mass-production farming operation.

    As to the distillation process, Florihana is world-renown for their unique low-heat proprietary distillation process. It is a highly innovative technology called "flash detente", developed and perfected in its own laboratory. This process is unique in the world of aromatherapy (see video above).

    Why are these Essential Oils so Inexpensive?

    We source the Florihana essential oils directly from the distillery in France. There are no "middlemen" or network marketing structures in place, so we are able to offer these wonderful, high-quality essential oils to you for the same price as if you bought them directly from France. We ship them directly to you from our warehouse within the United States, without the hassle of having to clear customs.

    How Does One Use These Essential Oils?

    These organic pure essential oils are imported from France as "fragrances." They are typically used in aromatherapy or as ingredients in organic high-quality cosmetics and skin care items. Some of these types of essential oils are commonly used in foods and dietary products, but the FDA only allows us to classify and label them for one purpose. Each essential oil has an MSDS (material data safety sheet) that can be downloaded directly from our website to learn more about each oil, and any safety information and precautions.

    For skin applications, it is common to add pure essential oils to "carrier oils," since these essential oils are pure and unadulterated. Common carrier oils would include olive oil, coconut oil, and black seed oil. We also have an organic unscented massage oil that includes jojoba and virgin red palm oil that can be utilized as a carrier oil.

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