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CD-ROM - Unlocking The Mysteries of Creation
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CD-ROM - Unlocking The Mysteries of Creation

View the entire contents of the book. Also includes a dynamic feature length multi-media seminar with audio narration about the age of the earth, and an introductory visit to the world's first virtual Providence Discovery Museum.

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Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation
by Dennis R. Petersen

How's Your Foundation?

Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation

  • Confused about all the conflicting views in both allopathic healthcare and natural/alternative health?
  • Does science really prove that man evolved from lower life forms?
  • Does archaeology really show that "primitive" man was ignorant, brutish, lived in caves, and was a "hunter-gatherer?"
  • Is agriculture a "modern" invention in human history, and have we reached the height of agricultural technology in the 21st century?
  • Is there one major theory of history and origins that has been forced upon most of us through our educational system? Does this theory, usually presented as fact, have any real validity?
  • Does the past really have anything to teach us, or are we the most technologically advanced people to ever live?

This book will answer these questions and many more, as you learn things that are not being taught in mainstream education or the media. Do a "foundation check" on your knowledge of the past, and see how this foundation in your thinking might be affecting the way you live in the present, and the way you view the future! A life built upon a cracked, faulty foundation will eventually fail!

The Most Comprehensive and Easiest Book to Understand on Creationism Today!


Experience an awesome journey of discovery! This unique treasury of historic and scientific knowledge puts life-changing keys in your hands to understand our world and its amazing past. 240 pages of beautifully designed photography and artwork amplify the engaging text. This book will help you discover the scientific accuracy of the Bible; unveil the fallacies of evolution; and build unshakeable confidence in God's Word. Designed to help people build a trustworthy Biblical worldview, it introduces a vast treasure of faith-building resources.

This is one of the most user-friendly and comprehensive introductory books ever published on the subject of Biblical creation!

Discover the true roots of Man's Past!


Unlike most other books on Creationism, this book takes an astounding look at man's past to see just how advanced ancient civilizations were. You will learn that ancient technologies such as those that built great pyramids and other structures  in Egypt and other places are lost to us today, and that instead we have built a fragile society that is lacking in traditional skills and dependent on complex modern technologies that make us vulnerable to diseases, pollution, wars, terrorism, and natural disasters.

We have become dependent on "high tech" specialized experts that need a steady supply of exotic resources to keep everything running smoothly.

Table Of Contents

Section 1
Unlocking the Mysteries of the Early Earth
Section 2
Unlocking the Mysteries of Evolution
  • Discovering What's True about Origins
  • How important is the biblical concept of creation? 
  • How is your computer programmed?
  • What should our attitude be as we study the creation around us?
  • What really happened "in the beginning" according to the Bible?
  • The Creation of Water
  • Changing the Form and Filling the Void
  • How long were each of the days of creation?
  • What are the implications of the origins controversy?
  • How good is "very good?"
  • What is this "water above the firmament?"
  • Does evidence tell of a very different early Earth?
  • How do bones of giant animals help us know about Earth's original environment?
  • What other conditions would make a "very good" Earth?
  • What's the myth behind the ozone depletion scare?
  • The food of the "very good" Earth?
  • What was the dry land like in the beginning?
  • The Creation of Plants
  • When did it all begin?
  • What do processes in nature tell us about Earth's age?
  • Where's all the dust?
  • What does the land show us about the beginning?
  • Can living things verify Earth's age?
  • What other systems declare the earth is young?
  • Do changes in our planetary neighborhood tell us more?
  • What can we learn from the universe about its origin?
  • Are radiometric dating methods reliable?
  • Is carbon-14 testing reliable?
  • Do radiometric dates verify the "approved" geologic chart?
  • Can the rock layers of the earth be interpreted another way?
  • Is there a gap of time in Genesis?
  • How devastating was the Genesis flood?
  • The Roots of Evolutionary Faith
  • Can good science embrace bad theory?
  • Fallacy #1 - "It all started with a big bang"
  • Fallacy #2 -"Time: the magic factor"
  • Thermodynamics and the Bible
  • Fallacy #3 - "Random chance produces all complexity of living things"
  • If you believe in design by chance, it's not because of the evidence
  • Fallacy #4 - "Non-living matter produced life"
  • The Complexity of the Single Cell
  • Inventions by design or flukes of Mother Nature?
  • Fallacy #5 - "Simple forms develop into complex forms of life in time"
  • What about natural selection?
  • Is life on Earth actually getting better? More complex?
  • Do fossils show a gradual transition of evolving animal kinds?
  • Some Famous Fossil "Connections" to Evolution
  • Does the geologic chart prove evolution?
  • Evolution's New Realms of Reason
  • Evolution opposes Christianity: There is no compromise
  • Exploring the Design and Perfection of the Creation
  • Nature's Chemists
  • Miracles on Wings
  • It's what's inside that counts
  • Marvels from the Deep Blue Sea
  • Reality Stranger than Fiction
Section 3
Unlocking the Mysteries of Original Man
Section 4
Unlocking the Mysteries of 
Ancient Civilizations
  • Why do people believe that humans evolved from animals?
  • Where are the missing links?
  • The Discovery That Rattled All the Other Bones
  • Is Homo erectus the missing link?
  • Are cavemen our ancestors?
  • The Final End of All Supposed "Missing Links"
  • How long has man been truly human?
  • What makes man truly human?
  • Why is this subject the most important battleground of history?
  • Is there evidence of humans buried by the Great Flood?
  • Discovering the Dinosaurs
  • The Mysterious Vanished Giants
  • What now-extinct animals lived with man in the past?
  • Could Job have seen these?
  • Footprints Frozen in Stone
  • A controversy that provokes professional vandalism?
  • The Paluxy tracks: the case is still open
  • More Problematics for the Skeptics
  • Can ancient reports of real dragons be taken seriously?
  • Where do dragon legends originate?
  • Could some dinosaurs still be living?
  • More terrible lizards still alive?
  • Why did dinosaurs become extinct?
  • The Brilliant Glory of Earth's Earliest King
  • From Glory to Glory
  • What is the truth about man's primitive past?
  • What are typical patterns of ancient cultures?
  • What were the capacities of original man?
  • Is technology a modern innovation?
  • How early in man's history did he build cities?
  • What are some Genesis examples of early technology? 
  • Why search out the former age?
  • Imagine the accumulation of ancient wisdom over the generations
  • What about the spiritual insight of the ancients?
  • The heavens declare the glory of God!
  • The Real Meaning of the Zodiac
  • What's the solution to the puzzle of advanced ancient technology?
  • When did civilization begin?
  • Do artifacts of pre-Flood technology exist?
  • When was the golden age?
  • China's Forgotten Connection to Genesis
  • Who really discovered the new world?
  • Ancient Sea Travel
  • Why are ancient pyramids a worldwide phenomena?
  • Other Mysteries of the Ancient New World
  • How can massive stone blocks be moved?
  • China's Incredible Find
  • Endless discoveries continue to reveal the truth about ancient man
  • Nothing New Under the Sun
  • Come see the awesome works of God!

    Now view the entire contents of the book, Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation, from the convenience of your personal computer.

    Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation


    You can browse through the whole book on your computer, print pages in full color or B&W and even email pages to friends across the world. See samples below. (uses Acrobat PDF files)

    Let's get this valuable, deception-busting information to everyone we can!

    Huge Bonus! This amazing CD ROM also includes a dynamic feature length multi-media seminar with audio narration about the age of the earth.  It's titled "When Did It All Begin?"  This program is one of the most graphically rich slide shows ever produced for Christian educators.  It is deeply committed to the inerrancy of Scripture.  The scientific insights are profoundly compelling.

    Every student who hears and watches this program will be forever changed!  They will never be able to honestly say they do not know that evolution's millions of years concept is built on falsehood and deception.

    Another Amazing Bonus! Your introductory visit to the world's first virtual Providence Discovery Museum is included on this CDROM.  You will see deeply thought-provoking features including sample exhibits from the four main Halls of the forthcoming Virtual Museum.

    * Current edition works best when PowerPoint software is running on the host computer.

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    Rebecca D.

    I love this book!

    Amazing factual and historical book written from a biblical worldview. Everyone needs to read it. Excellent!! Got questions? This book will answer them.