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Using Essential Oils to Cure Disease

Using Essential Oils to Cure Disease

Using Essential Oils to Cure Disease

Did you know that you can use the fragrant essential oils of plants to cure diseases? The spicy aroma of fresh basil, the sweet fragrance of a rose, the savory smell of oregano, and thousands of other volatile oils from plants are not just pleasant to smell, but are powerful medicines. Many plants can help us heal, but those which contain aromatic oils occupy a special place in natural medicine. Here is some basic information that will help you select and use the healing essential oils.

Table Of Contents

Section 1 – Using Essential Oils to Cure Disease 4

What exactly is an Essential Oil? 6
Only High Quality Essential Oils can Heal 7
Using Essential Oils to Bring about Homeostasis and Cure Diseases 10
Tips for Using Essential Oils 12

Section 2 – Using Cinnamon and Cinnamon Oil to Cure Disease 15

Introduction - Overview 15
Differences between Types of Cinnamon 17
Cinnamon Used to Reduce Blood Sugar in Diabetics 19
Cinnamon Polyphenols used to Manage Type 2 Diabetes 21
Cinnamon used for Weight Loss 22
Cinnamon and Prevention of Diabetic Kidney Disease 23
Cinnamon used for High Blood Pressure in Prediabetes/Diabetes 24
Cinnamon used to Protect the Pancreas 25
Cinnamon for Arthritis and Pain Relief 26
Cinnamon and Alzheimer’s disease 27
Cinnamon Oil Destroys Viruses, Fungi, and Bacteria 28
What are the Precautions for Using Cinnamon and Cinnamon Oil? 29
How Much Cinnamon can be Consumed per Day 30
Conclusion 32

Section 3 – The Healing Properties of Clove Essential Oil 36

Clove Oil and Dentistry 37
Clove Oil and Skin Cancer 38
Clove Oil and Diabetes 39
Clove Oil to Treat Menstrual Pain 40
Research Using Clove Oil for Depression 41
Research Using Clove Oil on a Microscopic Parasitic Infection that can Cause Death 42
Research Using Clove Oil for Treating Lung Damage from Breathing Polluted Air 43
Clove Oil Kills and Keeps Away Red Fire Ants 44
Clove Oil Kills Household Dust Mites 45
Clove Oil Kills Pathogenic Yeast 46
How is Clove Oil Produced? 47
Using Cloves and Clove Oil 49

Section 4 – Myrtle Essential Oil: Normalizing the Function of Thyroid and Ovaries 53

Uses of Myrtle Oil 54
Ancient Medical History of Myrtle 58

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