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The Ultimate Smoothie Book

The Ultimate Smoothie Book
130 Delicious Blender Drinks, Frozen Desserts, Shakes and More!

Cherie Calbom, the Juice Lady

The Ultimate Smoothie Book

From the Introduction:

I've devoted my life to teaching people how to improve and maintain their health through better food choices. I'm committed to this goal because I turned my own health around - from suffering chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia in my late twenties to enjoying vibrant health today.The Ultimate Smoothie Book has been extremely successful since publication in 2001 (Warner Books). With the continued popularity of smoothies, I felt it was time for some new recipes and updated information.... I've included coconut smoothies with coconut oil for all my readers who have asked for ideas on how to include more coconut oil in their diets. The Ultimate Smoothie Book, revised edition, also includes low-carb smoothies and basic recipes for those who want to get started by making a simple, delicious smoothie. It also gives you a healthy alternative to soy milk (soy is a goitrogen that can adversely affect the thyroid), a change from my original view that you can read in the [rest of the book]. - Cherie Calbom

Table of Contents

Getting Started Recipes
Making Fresh Juice Basic Smoothies
Fruits and Vegetables Coconut Smoothies
Binders and Other Special Ingredients Meals-in-a-Glass and Toppings for Your Health
Nutritional Supplements Coffee-Break Shakes and Smoothie Pick-Me-Uppers
  Terrific Health-and-Healing Smoothies
  Workout and Bodybuilding Smoothies
  Low Carb Smoothies
  Weight-Loss Helpers
  Healthful Smoothies, Shakes, and Popsicles Kids Love
  Healthy-Pregnancy Smoothies and New-Parent Pick-Me-Uppers
  Exotic Smoothies and Shakes
  Luncheon Smoothies and Shakes
  Luncheon Smoothies and Cold Soups
  Shakes and Smoothies for Summer Afternoon Parties
  Just Desserts

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