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The Raw Milk Revolution

The Raw Milk Revolution
Behind America's Emerging Battle Over Food Rights

by David E. Gumpert

Raw Milk Revolution by David Gumpert Book cover image

"David Gumpert has chronicled the Raw Milk War with insight and humor. He provides an important record of systematic government bias against Nature's perfect food. Must reading for raw milk fans and government officials alike." -Sally Fallon Morell, President, The Weston A. Price Foundation

"David Gumpert employs his expertise as a professional business writer to dig deep and wide into the exploding raw milk controversy. His compelling analysis of the science, economics, politics and history of 'nature's most perfect food' opens the door to a greater understanding of the major challenges facing our food and agriculture systems today. Anyone concerned with the health of our people, our environment and our democracy should heed his words." -Dean Florez, Majority Leader, California State Senate

Table of Contents

Forward by Joel Salatin

Preface: Why the Sudden Concern About Food Rights?

Introduction: Why Raw Milk So Inflames the Passions

Chapter 1: Why is the Government Kicking Around a Bunch of Small Dairy Farmers?

Chapter 2: Raw Milk and the Upside-Down World of Food-Borne Illness

Chapter 3: Why are We Still Debating Pasteurization?

Chapter 4: Picking up the Pieces

Chapter 5: Raw Milk and the Cases of the Disappearing Pathogens

Chapter 6: What are we to Make of So Much Anecdotal Evidence?

Chapter 7: Is Raw Milk Really Healthier?

Chapter 8: How Dangerous is Raw Milk, Really?

Chapter 9: E. coli O157:H7 and the Education of Mary McGonigle-Martin

Chapter 10: When it Comes to Food, How Much Freedom Should We Have to Take Risks?

Chapter 11: Nine Words to Ignite a Raw Milk Battle, California Style

Chapter 12: A Test of Belief Systems