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The Search for Real Food

The Search for Real Food:
Who Can You Trust?


Do You Trust Those Providing Your Food? The first 5 presidents of the United States were all farmers (the 6th president was the son of a farmer and the 2nd president) at a time when 90% of the population in the United States was involved in agriculture. By the time Abraham Lincoln served as president of the United States in 1862, about 48 percent of the people living in the U.S. were farmers.
Today, that figure is less than 1%. There has probably not been another period of history where so few people control anation’s food supply as what we see today in the United States, where less than 1% areresponsible for feeding over 325 million people in the United States, and millions around the world as well. Who are these people that make up less than 1% of our population?
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