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Whole Grain Quinoa

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Organic Quinoa Chenopodium quinoa Willd is the most ancient American staple grain, sustainably grown at over 12,000 feet in the Andes, preserving native culture. Organic Ouinoa is mechanically de-saponized and mountain spring water washed; superior methods that best preserve flavor and nutrients.
Organic Quinoa has a pleasing texture, great flavor, potent nutrition, and is versatile and easy to cook. It is one of the fastest cooking whole grains, ready in 12 minutes. About the size of millet, each round grain is bound with a narrow germ. When cooked the wispy germ separates from the seed and its delicate, almost crunchy curlicue makes a great contrast to the soft grain.


Calling it the "Top Secret Superfood," Men's Health magazine recommended Eden Quinoa in its April 2007 issue. Eden Organic Quinoa was chosen by nutritionists at Women's Health magazine as a 'Top 125 Best Packaged Food for Women' in their 2009 study. It was the top choice in the rice and pasta category. Women's Health said of EDEN Quinoa, "Try this hunger-killing supergrain." 


Quinoa was cultivated over 7,000 years ago near the equator in South America and was a staple grain of the Inca, Maya, and other native Americans for centuries. In Quechua and Aymara languages, Quinoa means 'Mother Grain'. Recently it has become widely popular for its nutrition, flavor, and convenience. A relaxing and satisfying whole grain with fast growing global appeal, quinoa has been called 'the rice of the new millennium'.

Nutrition Facts

Quinoa is a gluten free whole grain food. The American Celiac Sprue Association lists quinoa as "consistent with a gluten free diet. Versatile, it can be substituted for any grain, used whole as a hot cereal or ground into flour. Adds moisture to baked goods." The Canadian Celiac Foundation also lists quinoa as an allowed food on the gluten-free diet. In the Canadian Celiac Association's, 'Celiac News Articles', Dr. J. A. Campbell says, "Quinoa is a very nutritious grain and therefore a very useful alternative to wheat, rye, barley and oats in the diet of Celiacs."
Quinoa provides complete protein and has the best amino acid profile of all grains, including lysine and threonine, that are rarely found in cereal grains. The Food and Agricultural Organization and the World Health Organization (FAO/WHO) of the United Nations rated the nutritional quality of quinoa's protein similar to casein (milk protein), we know it's far better.
Use Quinoa as you would rice. It is delicious as a main grain dish, with beans, with vegetables, as a hearty hot cereal, in stuffing vegetables, and in soups, stews, and salads. Quinoa can also be used in making a variety of delicious and nutritious desserts and puddings.