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Pastured Raw Pet Food

Do you know what goes into the pet food you buy?

You can make your own nutritious pet food from fresh ingredients for usually less than purchasing expensive brands that may be using discarded scraps. The Whole(istic) Truth About Pet Food, by Christie Keith, is a great article explaining the difference between "pet food" and "real food."

Grass-Fed Traditions Pastured Raw Chicken Steaks are made from our Pastured Chickens and coconut. We also offer raw organ meats and raw bones from grass-fed animals!

Pastured Raw Chicken Steaks

with coconut added

  • Made from Pastured Poultry raised on soy-free non-GMO feed
  • Includes the entire chicken, with bones and internal organs - not just left-over parts
  • Includes 10% coconut, which is 65% pure coconut oil
  • The meat, bones, and organs are raw - frozen patties
For Dogs
Feeding Guidelines
Recommended daily portion, by body weight.
Feed puppies and lactating females 2–3 times more.
25 lbs. 1 steak
50 lbs. 2 steaks
80 lbs. 3 steaks
110 lbs. 4 steaks
For Cats

Feeding Guidelines
Recommended daily portion, by body weight.
Feed kittens and lactating females 2–3 times more.
6 lbs. 2 steaks
9 lbs. 3 steaks
12 lbs. 4 steaks
15 lbs. 5 steaks


Healthy Traditions raw frozen chicken steaks for dogs and cats are made from our pastured chickens raised outdoors in Wisconsin on pasture and our own chicken feed tested for the presence of GMOs and glyphosate. We never use vaccines, including mRNA vaccines, with our animals.

Our custom chicken feed is a non-soy and non-corn feed that includes coconut developed by Tropical Traditions. These high quality chickens make up 85% of the steaks and include the meat, bones, liver, and other internal organs of the birds.

Our frozen raw steaks are unlike other "organic raw chicken pet food" on the market, which is made up primarily from older egg-laying chickens that are no longer profitable in indoor organic egg mass-production houses, because their egg-laying capacity diminishes after about one year. They are sold off as cheap pet food, but command a higher price because they are technically certified "organic" because they ate organic feed all their life, even if they never saw sunshine or grass.

Also, the organic feed fed to almost all commercial organic chickens today has high concentrations of soy as the main protein. Our chickens are broilers that are raised outdoors in Wisconsin pastures by family farmers on our custom feed, which contains NO soy.

In addition, 10% of the ingredients of our raw steaks are made from Tropical Traditions dried coconut, which is about 65% pure coconut oil. Coconut oil is very beneficial for pets, and enhances the immune system. The other 5% of the ingredients include: organic broccoli, organic carrot, organic celery, organic apple, organic squash, organic sweet potato, organic flax seed, organic kelp seaweed, organic wheat grass, organic parsley, organic cranberry, and sea salt.

It is unlikely you will find another complete pet food like this anywhere, unless you make it yourself. So if you want only the highest quality premium food for your pets, Healthy Traditions Pastured Raw Chicken steaks are the best choice!

Customer Comment: My cats love the raw chicken steaks and the fact that the chickens are taken care of humanely is extremely important to me. Robin, Appelton, WI

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