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Lid Off Plastic Pail Opener

Lid-Off Plastic Pail Opener

Lid-Off Plastic Pail Opener

Lid-Off opens plastic pails quickly, easily, and safely. This handsome, one-piece professional tool removes tightly sealed lids with ease. Even tightly sealed lids surrender!


  • Saves time
  • Eliminates dangerous lock cutting
  • Is safe
  • Will not destroy lids - the pail can be reclosed


  • Cut the locks or break the lid tabs and tear the strip as the lid instructions indicate.
  • Reach across the plastic pail.
  • Hook Lid-Off over the edge of the lid and pull up at points about 2" apart. Be sure to hold the pail down with your other hand, about 6" from each pull point.
  • Pull lid up about 1/2" until the rim breaks free. Avoid pulling too high or too far apart as the lid will reseal behind you.
  • Continue this procedure around the rim until the lid is completey removed.

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