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Italian Flour Pancake Mix

Italian Flour Pancake Mix


With our NEW Italian Flour Pancake Mix you no longer have to skimp on high quality ingredients to enjoy the convenience of a pancake mix; now you can have both!  Our mix is made with simple, high quality dry ingredients, like our Italian Type 00 Flour, and only needs your choice of oil and liquid to deliver up a batter that is ready for the griddle.

These delicious pancakes fry up light and airy as they are, but feel free to get creative when making them with batter add ins like blueberries and don’t forget real maple syrup for the traditional topping that satisfies.

In 2014 when we tested our USDA certified organic wheat grown in the U.S., we found that it had traces of the herbicide glyphosate at levels similar to non-organic wheat. (See: ALERT: Certified Organic Food Grown in U.S. Found Contaminated with Glyphosate Herbicide.)

Some scientists and researchers believe that the epidemic of gluten-sensitive diseases we are seeing today are related to glyphosate, and not necessarily the gluten.(See: Common Weedkiller Used in Modern Agriculture Could be Main Factor in Gluten Intolerance.)

While anyone with gluten sensitivities definitely needs to avoid gluten, for the rest of us, we need to be consuming healthy grains that are not contaminated. After much research, we found a source in Italy that grows traditional organic soft wheat where batches we tested showed no trace of herbicides.

The flour has been milled by one of the best family run mills in Italy. This flour has been sifted, but is NOT enriched, bromated, bleached or otherwise adulterated in any way.

Italian Flour Pancake Mix Nutrition Facts

Ingredients: Organic Type 00 Flour, Organic Baking Powder (Cornstarch, Monocalcium Phosphate, Sodium Bicarbonate), Himalayan Pink Salt

Italian Flour Pancake Mix Directions

  • 1 package Italian Flour Pancake Mix
  • 1 tablespoon oil of choice (coconut, butter, olive, etc.)
  • 1 ¼ cups liquid of choice (water, milk, non-dairy milk, etc.)

Heat a lightly greased griddle or skillet over medium-high heat.  Mix ingredients together in a bowl, just until blended; mixture will be lumpy.  Pour ¼ cup portions onto the hot griddle or skillet and cook until bubbles form and the edges are dry.  Flip, and cook until browned on the other side.

Top with syrup, fruit or topping of your choice.  Serve immediately.   Makes about 10 pancakes.

Special Packaging

When Healthy Traditions began to look at producing products in the U.S. from traditional sources, food that tested clean from GMOs, glyphosate, and other herbicides and pesticides, we were faced with a dilemma:

How do we package these high quality clean foods?

We began a search for packaging that did not contain harmful chemicals and was not harmful to the environment. What good is sourcing and selling high quality traditional food if it is going to be contaminated by the packaging?

The brown bags you see in our newest products, including our Italian Flour Pancake Mix, reflect what we found was currently the best option for packaging our high-quality line of traditional products.

These bags harmlessly decompose anywhere that microbes are present (salt and fresh water, soil, landfills or in a backyard compost).

They decompose into organic matter without leaving any pollutants behind. (Independent Lab tests show - "None Detected.")

They have been lab tested for possible leaching of many heavy metals and pollutants, and none were found.