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Is Your Health Being Destroyed by Toxic Fragrances?

Is Your Health Being Destroyed by Toxic Fragrances?

Is Your Health Being Destroyed by Toxic Fragrances

Writer John P. Thomas states: "Secondhand fragrance contamination should be the number one health problem being addressed by the public health system in America, but it doesn’t even show up on the list of current priorities."

Could your health be suffering due to toxic fragrances hidden in perfumes, colognes, laundry products, air fresheners, and hundreds of other products?

In this four part expose, John P. Thomas looks at the growing epidemic of secondhand fragrance contamination.

In Part I, John looks at the problem of toxic fragrances contained in hundreds of products in the market today, and compares the problem of secondhand fragrance contamination to that of secondhand tobacco smoke 30 years ago.

In Part II, John exposes the fragrance industry, and discusses the difference between man-made synthetic fragrances, and natural essential oils.

In Part III, John exposes the addictive power of toxic perfumes and colognes, and explains that they contain narcotic-like substances.

In Part IV, John gives guidelines on how to shop for fragrance-free and non-toxic products.

In the appendix, we bring you the tragic story of Rosa Silk's son Brandon, who developed airborne anaphylaxis from toxic fragrances worn by other children at his school, and had his health completely ruined. 

Table Of Contents

Introduction 5

Part I Secondhand Fragrance Contamination: A Public Health Problem 6

Fragrances are Synthetic and Artificial 7
Tobacco Smoke and Perfume are Chemically Similar 8
A Serious Public Health Problem 9
Common Myth: It’s only a Smell – It Won’t Hurt You 11
The Perfume Industry will Resist Efforts to Limit Public Fragrance Use 13
Secondhand Fragrances are More Intense than Secondhand Tobacco Smoke 14
It is Time to Clean Up the Air in Public Buildings and in Local Neighborhoods 15
Conclusion to Part I 16

Part II The Difference Between Essential Oils and Man-made Fragrances 19

Most Fragrances are Synthetic and Inexpensive 20
Artificial Fragrances contain Unhealthy Chemicals 21
Exposure to Perfume and Cologne Causes Addiction 22
Exposure to Artificial Fragrances Causes Illness 23
My Recovery from Chronic Sinus Congestion Caused by Toxic Fragrances 24
Why did my allergy disappear eight years earlier? 25
Artificial Fragrances Stress the Immune System 26
My Addiction to Artificial Fragrance 27
Pure and Natural Essential Oils are Nothing like Artificial Fragrances 28
Artificial Fragrances are more like Gasoline than Flowers 29
Constant Exposure to Artificial Fragrances dulls the Sense of Smell 30
Is Your Immune System being compromised by Artificial Fragrances? 31
Warning: You May be in Serious Danger of Developing an Environmental Illness! 32

Part III The Addictive Power of Toxic Perfumes and Colognes 35

Fragrances Contain Narcotic-like Substances 36
An Example of the Addictive Power of Perfume and Cologne 37
Compassion versus Addiction 39
Fragrances are Emotionally Addictive 40
Perfume and Cologne Contain Stimulating Compounds 41
It’s Much More about Sex and Power than Fragrance 43
The Bigger Picture – Compassion versus Addiction 45
Daily Fragrance Use Quickly becomes an Addiction 46
The Perfume Challenge 47
What is the Big Deal, so What if I am Addicted? 48
What about Natural Fragrances, Organic Fragrances, and Green Fragrances? 49
My Struggle with Freeing Myself from Cologne Addiction 50
Conclusion to Part III 51

Part IV Finding Fragrance-free and Nontoxic Products 53

This is How You can Start Improving Your Health Today! 54
Safe Alternatives 56
Appendix: Airborne Anaphylaxis: My Son’s Fragrance Battle 63
Airborne Anaphylaxis: My Son’s Fragrance Battle 64
Getting help from medical experts, politicians 66

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