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How to Protect Yourself and Your Children from Medical Kidnapping eBook

How to Protect Yourself and Your Children from Medical Kidnapping

Author: John P. Thomas
Editor: Brian Shilhavy
Publisher: Sophia Media


It is common for people to spend more time deliberating over what type of cable TV package they will purchase than over who will provide their family with primary health care services.

Making the right choice of health care provider may be one of the most important decisions that you make for your family. It may determine whether your family stays together or is broken up and destroyed by Child Protective Services.

Are you a parent who believes that you have the right to make decisions for your children regarding the medical care they receive? Are you a parent who believes that you have a responsibility to control what your children eat? Are you a parent who believes that you should be able to determine how your children should be educated and what they are taught?

If you are such a parent, then beware, your freedom to raise your children and make decisions for them may be threatened by Child Protective Services in the state where you live. The security of your home and family could be destroyed by those who do not support your rights as a parent to raise your children according to the values that you cherish.
Thousands of children are being removed from families by Child Protective Services (CPS), put into foster care homes, used for drug testing, and put up for adoption. This is happening in broad daylight—often without parental consent or proof of parental wrongdoing.
This eBook will help you protect your family from unwanted intrusion by those who think they know more about parenting your children than you do.

To protect your family, it is necessary that you make wise decisions about the healthcare providers that you choose. The wrong choice of a physician can lead to dreadful consequences for every member of your family, because there is a legal connection between your physician and Child Protective Services.

Table of Contents

CPS is Destroying Families in the U.S
The U.S. “Healthcare” System Operates like a Medical Franchise
The U.S. Medical
Franchise System is called “Conventional Medicine”
Physicians Work Together with Child Protective Services to Abduct Children
ations of Newly Defined “Child Abuse” are Catching Parents Unaware
Hundreds of Thousands of Children are Kidnapped and in CPS Control
We have been Taught to Obey Doctors
CPS Intervention may Lead to Medical Kidnapping
Are You Acting Like a “Normal” Parent?
Some Physicians Value Health Freedom and Parental Choice
How can Parents Avoid Unwanted Entanglements with Physicians and CPS?
How Do You Find a Physician You can Trust?
Conflicts between Parents Can be Disastrous if CPS is Involved
Conflicts with Friends and Family Can Result in Calls to CPS and Losing Your Children
Who Can We Believe? Who Can We Trust?
How do you Find a Supportive Physician?
Responding to Life-Threatening Illnesses
List of Resources for finding Physicians and other Healthcare Providers
Conclusion: Do Not Assume This Could Never Happen to You!

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