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Heirloom Turkey Red Wheat Berries

Our Turkey Red whole grain wheat berries are grown on a small family farm in Wisconsin.  This is a traditional farm that doesn't use any synthetic chemicals on the farm and as an added assurance, we have tested a sample of the Turkey Red for glyphosate and no trace was found.

Turkey Red is an heirloom variety of hard red winter wheat that was very commonly grown, until the 1940's.  It originally came to this country from Mennonite immigrants leaving Ukraine fleeing Tsarist persecution, who brought trunks full of Turkey Red into Kansas.  It established quickly in the "bread basket" region of Kansas, where it was the dominate wheat grown until being replaced by modern varieties in the mid-20th century.

Turkey Red Wheat is grown today by only a few farmers that are committed to preserving the heritage qualities of this grain that has a great significance in our history as a nation.  This wheat is so important, it has been added to the Slow Food Ark of Taste

The whole grain and the flour milled from it, have an excellent flavor, and good protein qualities for bread making.