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Healing Oils of the Bible

Healing Oils of the Bible
by David Stewart, Ph.D.

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Healing oils were an important part of the lives of Biblical peoples from Genesis to Revelation. They also bring compelling results today!

This revealing book offers the knowledge practiced by Jesus and his disciples when they anointed people with therapeutically active oils and healed them. Dr. David Stewart shares this powerful information, lost for centuries, and how modern science uses these same oils to successfully treat a host of diseases today.

Based upon both scripture and science, this engaging book cites more than 500 Biblical references to 33 species of essential oils, presents their uses, and explains how they work to correct the roots of disease, supported by prayer and human touch.

Table of Contents

Intro: Healing vs. the Practice of Medicine

Chapter 1: God: The First Aromatherapist

Chapter 2: How and Why Oils Can Heal

Chapter 3: Atheistic Medicine & Priesthood of Healing

Chapter 4: The Biblical Meaning of Anointment

Chapter 5: How Many Bible References to Oil?

Chapter 6: Oils of Joy

Chapter 7: The Balm of Gilead

Chapter 8: Roses of the Holy Land

Chapter 9: The Cedars of Lebanon

Chapter 10: Myrrh: The Most Popular Oil of the Bible

Chapter 11: Olive: The Other Healing Oil of the Bible

Chapter 12: Extracting Essences in Biblical Times

Chapter 13: Oils that Heal vs. Oils that Don't

Chapter 14: A Bible Oils Program You Can Do

About the Author:

Dr. David Stewart, a retired Methodist minister and former university science professor, is a noted authority on essential oils and their healing applications. Author of 16 books, two won the "Books of the Year Award" from the American Journal of Nursing. One of his publications has sold over 2 million copies in ten languages. Dr. Stewart travels the globe teaching on the Healing Oils of the Bible.

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