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Grass-Fed Bison

Grass-Fed Bison

Our source for bison products comes from Wisconsin where the animals are grazed on grass with NO chemicals, hormones, or grains - EVER! We never use vaccines, including mRNA vaccines, with our animals.

The animals are 100% grass-fed, and are also “finished” on grass. 

The products offered here are from the same Wisconsin farmers that supply our grass-fed Galloway beef.

Grass-fed animals have been shown to be higher in Omega 3 fatty acids than grain-fed and finished livestock. CLA is also an essential fatty acid found primarily in grass-fed animals. Some studies have also shown that grass-fed bison contain up to 4 times more selenium than grain-fed bison.

Bison contains more protein in relation to calories than beef. Bison are very hearty animals and are genetically a purer strain of red meat than most other meats.

Bison do not have to be kept in barns, and can survive very harsh winters, finding grass to eat even when buried by a couple feet of snow!

Bison is a very healthy, traditional source of meat in North America, and they have never been cross-bred and are still considered "wild" animals, making bison some of the most genetically pure red meat available.

Many sources of bison available in supermarkets today are NOT 100% grass-fed, but include grains in the feed as well. Our bison are NOT treated with hormones or antibiotics. They are naturally healthy and hearty animals.

Grass-fed bison eating grass under snow grass-fed bison eating grass photo

Customer Comments:

We have been buying from Tropical Traditions for several years now. Their gold label coconut oil is by far the best you can buy anywhere. They are the only source. We use it for everything. Baking, frying, popcorn, medicinal, massage. We also buy their coconut flour, coconut flakes, coconut cream concentrate ,red palm oil, Bionature bulk olive oil (best price when on sale), bulk grains, household cleaner, coconut body and shampoo bars, and bison products. All their products have been of top quality. The customer service is excellent. We highly recommend them! Ron & Jennine - Catskill Mountains, NY

I ordered 12 lbs. of ground Bison during your promotion. They arrived to California still frozen solid. Great service, thanks! Kathy , Facebook Comment

The eggs and grassfed meat are excellent and shipping cost is most reasonable. I have been ordering from Tropical Traditions for many years and all orders have been fulfilled in a timely manner. George - Arlington Heights, IL

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