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Florihana Distillery

At the Heart of the French Riviera


The Florihana Distillery is located in the French region of Provence, also known as the “French Riviera “. The distillery can be found on the Caussols plateau, an area naturally rich in biodiversity.

The distillery is divided into 4 buildings, two of which are eco-friendly constructions made of wood from Finland. The Florihana organic farm covers 25 acres and it is located in the center of over 2500 acres of wild lavender, thyme and savory.

Since its foundation this union with nature and the preservation of its environment are the primary and core values that we also apply in the making of our products.



The Name Florihana

Florihana was born in 1993 from the marriage of 2 cultures; the French and the Japanese. The first part of the word Florihana comes from the French adjective “floral “which means “of the flower".

The second part comes from the Japanese word “Hana” (はな/花/ハナ) which means flower. Cultural diversity can inspire creativity and we hope that we are sharing the best of the cultures we come from at Florihana.