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Cure Tooth Decay

Cure Tooth Decay

by Ramiel Nagel

Cure Tooth Decay Book Cover

The New Paradigm For Dental Health - Heal Tooth Decay With Diet.

By using diet, you can limit dental treatments, avoid extra fillings, and make your teeth stronger. With conventional dentistry, by the time the average person is over 40, they have close to half of their teeth affected with cavities. As we age, our dental health deteriorates, requiring more dental treatments until fake teeth are required. No matter how many dental treatments you get, the real cause of cavities is never addressed in the dentist's office, so your oral health will continue to deteriorate unless you make a change to your diet.

Meet Ramiel Nagel, Dental Health Advocate and Author of Cure Tooth Decay.

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Health Advocate

Like you, I have suffered from tooth decay. I had seven mercury fillings placed in my teenage years. Six years ago after a long overdue dental visit, I was told I had four new cavities. On top of that, my young daughter's teeth also had cavities. I was eating a low sugar diet, and I met my breaking point.

I did not want holes drilled in my teeth with chemical or metal fillings, and I did not want my daughter to have to go through that either.

My teeth used to feel loose in my mouth. I could feel something was wrong. Like most people, I felt helpless to do anything about it. I did not know what was wrong, and I thought I was eating a good diet. I thought to myself, "I am just unlucky, and life is not treating me fairly." For my daughter, her teeth started to decay so rapidly that one of them just disintegrated and chipped apart in a matter of about two weeks time around the age of one and a half years old.

I write to you now more than five years later. Using a special nutritional program, I no longer have any more tooth sensitivity. My teeth are firm and resilient, and I feel better and stronger by the day. Using a similar program, my daughter's teeth became hard and resilient. Her teeth no longer chip. She has abundant energy, and she is pain and tooth infection free. She is now 7 years old and has never required a dental treatment even though many of her teeth had cavities. That is because her teeth re-mineralized, and soft decayed tooth structure became hard again. I am happy to say that many of her decayed baby teeth are starting to fall out! She has new healthy adult teeth, free from tooth decay.

Cure Tooth Decay Introduction - Why Your Diet is Everything.

What causes dental decay? And how do you stop cavities? The real treatment of tooth decay has been buried away for over 70 years.

As a culture, we cannot continue saying that we do not know the cause of tooth decay, and we cannot afford denial any longer, for:

Earnest Hooton Store Food     "It is store food that has given us store teeth."

- Harvard Professor Earnest Hooton

And it really is as simple and as profound as what Dr. Hooton said. The foods we eat give us cavities. By changing your diet, you can stop tooth cavities and prevent tooth decay.

Dentist Weston Price Discovered a 95%+ Effective Dental Decay Cure Using Food.

Cavities, Teeth, Nutrition, Tooth Decay, Weston Price 

Dr. Price's studies and research articles were published in the great dental journals of his time, including Dental Cosmos, Dental Digest, and The Journal of the American Dental Association.

He shared with the world evidence of people across the planet living completely free of tooth decay.

A growing number of people embrace Dr. Price's teachings, which describes how nutrition is the primary cause of physical disease and degeneration.

In my own life and from many testimonials, I have seen that what Dr. Price concluded in his research is real and truthful.

Tooth decay is not only unnecessary, but an indication of our divergence from Nature's fundamental laws of life and health.

Why Tooth Decay Is "Unnecessary?"

Dr. Price showed the world how to heal cavities with nutrition. His form of treatment could, "Control well over 95 per cent of dental caries"

Dr. Price challenged his fellow dentists and asked them to refer their worst possible cases to him. Of 17 of these worst-case individuals with severe cavities, only one patient developed new cavities on Dr. Price's nutritional program, a recurrence rate of 0.4%.

Dr. Price's nutritional program is stated word for word in Cure Tooth Decay. The protocol is also available in his book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, but you'll have to dig through about 500 pages to find it. While Dr. Price's book is extremely engaging, most people do not even find his protocol in the book. If they find it, they do not know what to do with it. In Cure Tooth Decay,several years of trial and error have gone into improving and clarifying Dr. Price's protocol, as well as adding to it.

The book, Cure Tooth Decay, includes vitally clear explanations of why special foods are being used, where to obtain these special foods, and what special foods to use for optimal success.

What Do Dentists Say About Cure Tooth Decay?

Timothy Gallagher, D.D.S., Former President of the Holistic Dental Association
Cure Tooth Decay is a godsend for those seeking a comprehensive, holistic approach to their dental health that really works. The protocol in this book is very effective for preventing and mineralizing cavities. Arta Vakhshoori, D.D.S., California

Ramiel proposes practical life-changing choices that are worthwhile reading and definitely worth following.

Last year at the Weston Price Foundation conference, several of the top holistic dentists in the country personally bought my book. A few holistic dentists have Cure Tooth Decay in their office.

If Cavities Can Be Cured and Prevented, Why Didn't My Dentist Tell Me How?

Since the 1930's, it has been well documented that tooth cavities can re-mineralize. Dentist Weston Price published pictures of cavities re-mineralizing in his book, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, and the famous professor from England Edward Mellanby published pictures of cavities healing in his book, Nutrition and Disease.

Dentists and even the American Dental Association do know that eating sugar frequently will cause cavities. They think it is because of bacteria, so they advise brushing your teeth to remove the food that the bacteria eat. But that is all dentists usually know about the relationship between food and your teeth. They do not fully understand the link between diet and cavities because they did not learn this vital information in dental school. This fact alone is shocking.

The vast majority of dentists do not realize that tooth decay has everything to do with the vitamins and minerals in our blood and the health of your body. In fact, if a dentist does not offer you surgery or anti-bacterial solutions to "treat" the so called infectious disease of dental caries, they can get sued and possibly lose their license for not treating your "disease" properly. If a dentist advises you to eat healthy and starts doing body chemistry analysis on you, they can potentially lose their license (depending on what state they are in) for practicing out of the scope of their practice.

In the eight years of dental schooling (undergraduate and graduate work), hardly any effort is paid to diet. With all of the time, money and effort invested into dental school, the risks associated with taking a non-conventional approach leads dentists to simply repeating the party line, "brush your teeth."
Dentist George Heard, author of Man Versus Toothache, also knew how to heal cavities naturally. After he explained his findings of curing tooth cavities with excellent raw milk and a whole foods diet to his fellow dentists, they responded:
      If all our patients adhered to Dr. Heard's ideas, we would be minus patients.