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Coconut Oil Reviews

Gold Label® Virgin Coconut Oil Reviews

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The Gold Label is just terrific! I highly recommend this product! Kim

My husband loves your coconut oil. He is an endurance athlete and claims he is not as hungry after a hard workout when he has eaten coconut oil in his oatmeal. He has purchased coconut oils at the local grocery and says they can not compare to the taste of your virgin coconut oil! Barbrell

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In this first coconut oil review video, three bloggers share their experience with Tropical Tradition's Gold Label virgin coconut oil, a unique hand-crafted coconut oil different from other coconut oils found on the market in the United States. 

I first used their coconut oil a year ago, and now all my friends and family use them exclusively for their needs as well. I love the fact that they support farmers and sustainable agriculture in the Philippines, which happens to be the best place to grow coconuts. I also really like that they email me all sorts of specials from Buy-1-Get-1 to Free Shipping coupons. Jrtorma,

I'm always pleased with shopping at Tropical Traditions! I've been ordering from them for a number of years and the service has been flawless each order. I LOVE the coconut oil and use it a number of ways. I use it in cooking of course. Also use it cosmetically on skin and hair. I'm always pleased. Thank you! Nona,

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In this second coconut oil review video, two customers describe how they use Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil. Chante buys coconut oil by the gallon because she uses it in cooking and on her skin and hair. Meg loves the coconut oil recipes at and has made cookies, oatmeal bread, and banana bread with her organic coconut oil.

We have been using coconut oil for about 4 months now and believe me (and I am a skeptic), this stuff works!!! Thank you for a fantastic product!! Renezoe,

I love you guys!!! I've seen quite a few positive changes since I started using coconut oil and of the few I've tried I like yours the best. I'll be a permanent customer for sure. Cristel,

Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil Customer Video Review 3

In this third coconut oil review video, Lesli explains that she loves Tropical Tradition's virgin, unrefined coconut oil. For her, this unrefined coconut oil is "coconut oil that is real." She recommends against buying coconut oil in a regular store where you may not be able to verify its quality. Dr. Amanda Rose comments on the finding that this traditionally made coconut oil is also the highest in antioxidants.

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The RykerDane tells us about all the many uses of Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil