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Traditional Cashews - New!


These cashews are grown using sustainable farming practices such as biodiversity and multi-cropping.

Fair Trade Alliance Kerala, India

Protecting both elephants and crops with elephant-friendly fencing is just one way that Alliance farmers have used Fair Trade premiums to improve their farming. They have also channeled funds to improve school facilities, support community drinking water programs and control weeds sustainably. Founded in 2006 to gain better and more stable pricing for farmers, Fair Trade Alliance Kerala is now 4,500 member strong.

These cashews are also Glyphosate-tested each batch for the presence of glyphosate.

Traditional Cashews - Salted

Traditional Cashews - Saltedsalted-cashews-nutrition-facts


Traditional Cashews - Unsalted

Traditional Cashews - Unsaltednatural-cashews-nutrition-facts