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Consumers today have very few choices if they want truly healthy, non-toxic food and products.

Here at Healthy Traditions we have been testing our products for GMOs and glyphosate for over 5 years now, for example, so we are serious about selling the highest quality products possible.

We have been in the marketplace since 2002, when Tropical Traditions was founded (we have now rebranded to "Healthy Traditions").

We went against the grain by re-introducing coconut oil into the U.S. market, when everyone was claiming it was unhealthy due to its high saturated fat content.

Thanks to our efforts back in those early days, one can walk into almost any store today selling food and find coconut oil, as the American public has re-discovered its benefits.

Today, we offer alternatives to the toxic mass-produced commodity food system, where one cannot even trust the Certified Organic label anymore.

These are products sourced mostly from conscientious small-scale producers, and some are imported from other countries as the agricultural system here in the U.S. has become so toxic, that certain products have been very difficult, if not impossible, to find produced in the U.S.

You will not find our products on the shelves of grocery stores or other chains where cheap, toxic commodity products are sold.

Unfortunately, our message exposing just how toxic the food system is, and that consumers have REAL choices with our products, is a message that is not popular with the corporate-sponsored mainstream media, or the tech giants today controlling social media.

That's where you come in! We need your help to get the word out, and in return you can earn another stream of income from promoting our products.

We offer a flat $15 commission on sales of new customers you refer to our store. You can DOUBLE your commission by converting to a Healthy Traditions Gift Card to purchase products in the Healthy Traditions store!

We provide everything you need to start, including free access to our exclusive tracking and conversion software that allows you to monitor every single lead, sale and commission amount due to you.

Sign up below to join our sales force and together let's make a difference in the world today by offering one of the only alternatives left in the market place to purchase non-toxic products!