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A Guide to Healing from Vaccine Injuries eBook

A Guide to Healing from Vaccine Injury
Including Autism and Cancer

by John P. Thomas
Editor, Brian Shilhavy

The prevailing thinking in the medical system today is that vaccines are "safe and effective," and that vaccine injuries are "rare," in spite of the fact that the National Vaccine Compensation Program (e.g. the Vaccine Court) has paid out billions of dollars to those injured by vaccines.

If you or a loved one, like a child, has suffered from a vaccine injury, finding help can be difficult, as the medical system denies vaccine injuries for the most part, and is certainly not equipped or trained to treat such injuries.

In this book we survey the successful approaches and treatments currently being used to deal with vaccine injuries.

It includes sections on the work of the late Dr. Bradstreet, who had great success treating autism before he was mysteriously found dead. 

Table of Contents

Have You or Your Children Been Damaged by Vaccines?

Vaccine Reactions are NOT a Normal Part of Life
We were Healthier without Vaccines
Vaccine use has become a Way of Life for most Americans
Government Admits Vaccines Cause Harm
Your Child’s Condition is Just “Coincidence”
Some Doctors are Willing to Say—“Wait a Minute!”
Early Vaccine Damage may not be Noticed
The Vaccine Business is a Fear Business
Recognizing Adverse Vaccine Reaction
What Causes a Vaccine Reaction?
What are Some of the Earliest Warning Signs for Vaccine Damage?
Spotting Early Warning Signs of Vaccine Damage
Preventing Damage to the Brain and Other Organs
Healing from Vaccine Damage
Adjusting Future Medical Priorities

Healing from Vaccine Injuries through Homeopathy

Vaccine Damage Takes Many Forms
Hope for Recovery from Vaccine Related Illness
What is the History of Homeopathy?
Vaccine Damage is Not a New Phenomenon
Testimonies of Healing from Vaccine Damage
An Example of Vaccine Injury and Recovery from the Tetanus Vaccine
Homeopathy Compared to Conventional Medical Care
Homeopathy is Gentle and Powerful
Allopathic Drugs and Side Effects
Homeopathy Releases Disease
How is Annette Doing Today?
How are Homeopathic Remedies Made and Taken?
How do Homeopathic Remedies Work?
Does Homeopathy Work Because of the Placebo Effect?
Success in Healing Autism
Finding a Homeopath who can Treat Vaccine Damage

How Diet can Help Heal Vaccine Damage

Americans Take Better Care of Their Cars than Their Bodies
Diet can Help Heal Vaccine Damage
What Do You Put in Your Mouth?
Diets that Heal Vaccine Damage
The Big Picture of Damage Caused by Vaccines and Modern Foods
Illnesses Become More Severe When Vaccines are combined with Chemicals
Where Does Harm from Vaccines and Glyphosate Appear?
Dr. Seneff Discusses the Science behind Vaccine Damage and Diets that Heal
How Healthy is Your Gut?

Healing from Vaccine Damage Begins in the Gut

Background of Judy Converse
Using Special Diets to Heal Injuries from Vaccines and Other Toxins
Steps for Healing Vaccine Damage through Nutritional Intervention
Links to Special Healing Diets

Dead Doctor’s Research Expanded: Natural Cures Seen for Autism and Cancer

Research on Treating Autism and Cancer with the Ketogenic Diet Bravo and Rerum
How can Bravo, Rerum, and the Ketogenic Diet Help both Autism and Cancer?
Research Findings for Late Stage Cancer
Case 1: Ovarian Cancer with Metastases in the Liver
Case 2: Prostate Cancer
Case 3: Breast Cancer
Case 4: Cancer of the Esophagus with Lung Metastases
Case 5: Pulmonary Nodule
Case 6: Bile Duct Cancer
Autism is not an Incurable Illness
A Healthy Brain Requires a Healthy Gut
Macrophages and Macrophage Activating Factor
Three Steps for Restoring Normal Brain Activity
Summary: Insuring a Source of Healthy Microbes for the Gut and the Brain
A Quick Look at the Next Chapter
Additional Resources for Your Further Research

How to Cure Cancer, Autism, and other Neurodegenerative Diseases without Toxic Drugs

Steps for Using the Ketogenic Diet, Bravo, and Rerum for Various Diseases
Nutrition is the First Step for Healing Autism, Cancer, and other Diseases
Diabetic Ketoacidosis and Dietary Ketosis are Very Different
The Foundation of Health Restoration is the Ketogenic Diet
The Cost of a Ketogenic Diet is not Excessive
The Ketogenic Diet Works for Both Autism and Cancer
Adapting to the Ketogenic Diet
Using Bravo Yogurt is Much More Than Taking Probiotics
Additional Information about the Ketogenic Diet
Combining Bravo Yogurt and the Ketogenic Diet
Bravo Yogurt is Very Different than Grocery Store Brands of Yogurt
Lactose Intolerance
Casein Intolerance
Use of Bravo Yogurt as an Enema
Bravo Yogurt Enemas are an Alternative to Fecal Transplants
Using Bravo Yogurt to Control Human Parasites
From GcMAF to Rerum
The Discovery of Rerum
Additional Resources for Your Personal Study

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