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Virgin Coconut Oil Teeth Cleaners

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Teeth Cleaners

Photo of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Teeth Cleaners

People living in the tropics where coconuts grow have used coconut oil to clean their teeth long before modern toothpastes were developed. Tropical Traditions has developed a new Teeth Cleaner based on our popular Organic Virgin Coconut Oil as the main ingredient. This 100% natural cleaner for your teeth contains no fluoride and no foaming agents such as SLS. Along with Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, we have added other natural ingredients to clean your teeth naturally. This unique Teeth Cleaner will keep your mouth and breath feeling clean and fresh naturally, with only the finest ingredients available used. Invest in your teeth today by buying the best cleaner available!

Note: We only use high quality organic essential oils which are distilled with low temperature and low pressure over an extended period of time. Low temperature and lower pressure have proven to be the most effective method of obtaining all of the essential constituents from the plant, and provide our products with the very best quality fragrances available. Imported from France.

Customer Comments:

I bought the Classic Teeth Cleaner. I am happy to say that my teeth feel clean without the foaming sugary taste of commercial cleaners and I like the fact that it is fluoride-free. All in all, I am very happy with Tropical Traditions! Terri - Baton Rouge, LA

As always, Tropical Traditions is not only a pleasure to deal with, but I love their products. Their customer service is outstanding and quickly will handle any issue (which is rare). I purchased their coconut Teeth Cleaner and I'll never go back to regular toothpaste. Thanks TT!! Jean - Placerville, CA

I LOVE the teeth cleaner. Kathleen, Tropical Traditions Facebook Page

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