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Stainless Steel Bidets

Attachable Bidets!

These products have been designed, manufactured, assembled, and tested in the United States since 1989. They use medical-grade stainless steel, not plastics. These bidets are not built just for hygiene but for comfort, peace of mind, and independence as well. Bidets are better than toilet paper when it comes to feeling fresh and clean because even the softest triple-ply paper can’t compare to the hygiene gained from a gentle stream of water.

We are offering two models: the H2 and the H1. Details are provided below.

Recommended By Top Physicians

As a health care professional, I could expound on the medical benefits of a bidet. Hemorrhoid sufferers and the elderly can benefit from bidet cleansing. Females can have fewer infections. An entire list of health care benefits would be quite lengthy.

In order to comply with the spirit of the Full Disclosure Principle, I wish to report that the only relationship I have with this company, financial or otherwise, is that I am an extremely satisfied customer.

Bernard W., MD
Dyer, TN

H2 bidet

The H-2 was the original toilet seat bidet attachment (introduced in 1989). The universal design fits most round or elongated toilet seats. Water pressure can be adjusted as easily as the faucet on your kitchen sink. This is an economical device for low-maintenance needs. It offers comfort, cleanliness, a reduced environmental footprint, and a little bit of extra space where you used to store toilet paper.

This bidet can be installed to accommodate elevated toilet seats and those equipped with spray guard attachments, an important feature to individuals who rely on a wheelchair or walker for mobility.

This bidet is easy to install and hardware is included.

Made from medical grade stainless steel in the USA.

H1 bidet

The H-1 was developed to help a servicewoman who had suffered a soft tissue injury to her shoulder, requiring rotator cuff surgery. With her right arm immobilized following surgery, she did not want assistance in maintaining her hygiene. We designed our H-1 model which helped her keep her privacy and independence as she healed. Her necessity encouraged us to bring the first left-handed bidet toilets for sale to the market.

From that design came the addition of an ergonomically friendly palm button to accommodate those with arthritis, MS, stroke victims, and other conditions that encumber manual dexterity and strength. It’s simple enough for children to operate. The palm button is the result of fulfilling a customer’s need and it became a standard.

  • Accommodates restricted range of motion without giving up the operational features incorporated into our designs since 1989.
  • We offer both left-or right-handed options (an ideal feature for users with limited hand or arm use such as rotator cuff surgery)
  • Palm button allows for easy control of BOTH water pressure and spray angle.
  • Features a half-crescent arm which is easily moved backward and forward, and is retained under the toilet seat when not in use.
  • Universal design fits most round or elongated toilet seats.
  • Easy to install. Hardware is included. Stainless steel for easy cleaning and long life.
  • Made from medical grade stainless steel in the USA.


I have used the bidet system developed and manufactured by this company for over twenty years. It is without question the simplest and most effective device for achieving one of the most important aspects of my personal hygiene. I would prefer never to be without it; it has been added to every toilet in this home, and I will continue to use this bidet system in the future.—Dr. Richard L.

This is absolutely the best product! We purchased our first bidet in 2007 and couldn’t have been more pleased. It was very easy to install (even for two old ‘geezers’), and has performed flawlessly. We purchased our second for dear friends who had just moved into a new home. They, too, love their bidet.—John and Mary R.

I just wanted to say how much I love your bidet. I stumbled across it and have had it now for 9 years! I’ve tried other ones and even had a stand-alone bidet but prefer yours. Simple, discrete, ecologically friendly but what I truly appreciate is the outstanding customer service. As an MD, I also appreciate that the price it something patients can afford and that there is the ability to control the pressure and direction of the water—great for body mobility/access issues. Highly recommend.—Susan P., MD

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Stainless Steel Bidet – Model H1

Stainless Steel Bidet – Model H1

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Stainless Steel Bidet – Model H2

Stainless Steel Bidet – Model H2

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