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Brown Rice Spaghetti - 12 oz.
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Brown Rice Spaghetti - 12 oz.

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Traditional Pasta From Italy

All Pastas Are Not Created Equal

Imported from Tuscany, Italy, organic whole durum wheat pastas are redefining the pasta category in the United States and intend to bring pasta back to its more flavorful and authentic Old World traditions.

Durum wheat is grown in Italy on small family-owned farms that have been using traditional agricultural methods for centuries. All ingredients are certified organic and are grown and processed without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers.

The pasta is made in a state-of-the-art pasta factory near Pisa, Italy, that uses artisanal production methods of the past. Our  pastaio, the person who directs the pasta process from kneading to drying, is a third generation Italian pasta maker.

Antique bronze dies, which create the shape of the pasta, are used in the factory to press pasta shapes with a rough texture that better absorbs sauce. Most present-day pasta factories use Teflon® dies, which is more expedient but compromises quality, making a smoother surface that sauce will actually slide off of.

The drying process is also a key to the delicious flavor of our pasta. Slow drying at low temperatures helps to preserve the nutty flavor of the durum wheat. This method of slow drying pasta is an art as well as a science, since drying times vary depending on the shape of the pasta and outdoor relative humidity levels and temperature. This subtle difference of a slow-dried pasta can be tasted best before you add condiment. You will find that our pasta tastes delicious even before you add sauce!

*Health note - The glycemic-index rating for pasta is 55, while whole wheat pasta is 40. Comparatively, white rice is 82 and white bread is 100. The more you cook pasta, the higher the rating. Please test your pasta frequently and become accustomed to eating it “al dente,” as they do in Italy. Foods with a glycemic index of 100 or above are very quick to release sugar into the bloodstream.

Ingredients: Organic whole durum wheat flour

Pasta Package Discount

Brown Rice Pastas - New!

Crafted in Italy using time-honored production methods and carefully selected varieties of rice, our brown rice pasta is as close to traditional as gluten free can be. The future of gluten free is delicious, wholesome and completely satisfying food.

  • Cooks firm and has an enjoyable flavor that tastes great with all types of sauces
  • Pressed with bronze dies and slow dried for superior quality, the only artisanal gluten free pasta available today.
  • Made exclusively with Italian grown 100% organic brown rice
  • Dedicated facility free of gluten, dairy, eggs (except for lasagna, which may contain traces of egg), tree nuts and peanuts.
  • Certified gluten free at less than 10PPM

Ingredients: Organic Brown Rice Flour, Water

Purchase Organic Whole Grain Einkorn Pasta

Whole Grain Einkorn Pasta is a delicious foundation to a nutritious and enjoyable meal. Although Whole Grain Einkorn is a healthy source of dietary fiber, it does not have a grainy or gritty texture. Packed with protein, B vitamins and minerals, it will leave you feeling very satisfied. This pasta is masterly crafted in Italy by expert pasta artisans, who only enhance the inherent goodness of this most ancient grain.


  • High in Thiamin, essential dietary and trace minerals
  • Good source of protein, dietary fiber and B Vitamins.
  • One 2oz. serving contains as much of the antioxidant Lutein as a whole egg.
  • Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) twice that of whole durum wheat pasta.

Whole Grain Einkorn vs. Blueberries antioxidants image

Einkorn whole grain vs. nature's superfood nutrition image

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Brown Rice Spaghetti

Love the Brown Rice Spaghetti from Healthy Tradition.