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Book - Hypothyroidism: The Unsuspected Illness, by Broda O. Barnes, M.D., Ph.D.

Book - Hypothyroidism: The Unsuspected Illness, by Broda O. Barnes, M.D., Ph.D.

Book - Hypothyroidism: The Unsuspected Illness, by Broda O. Barnes, M.D., Ph.D. - 308 pages - hardback

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Hypothyroidism: The Unsuspected Illness
by Dr. Broda Barnes

Hypothyroidism: The Unsuspected Illness book cover

Of all the problems that can affect physical or mental health, none is more common than thyroid gland disturbance. None is more readily and inexpensively corrected. None is more often untreated and even unsuspected.

Hypothyroidism--low thyroid function--is one of the gland disturbances that many people suffer from without even realizing it. It can be the cause of low energy or constant fatigue that is one of the most common complaints brought to doctors. It may be responsible for chronic headaches, repeated infections, unyielding skin problems, or circulatory difficulties. Even more frightening, it can be a major factor in heart disease, lung cancer, and emphysema. It is responsible for many emotional and mental disturbances.

Hypothyroidism: The Unsuspected Illness explains low thyroid function in easy, understandable language. It tells how it may be affecting your health and your life.
Dr. Broda Barnes and Lawrence Galton tell what the thyroid gland is, how it works and the problems its dysfunction can induce. They detail case histories of patients, often thought hopeless, whose problems were discovered to be related to hypothyroidism and were cured by Dr. Barnes's simple effective techniques. They discuss whether you too may be hypothyroid, affected by a condition even a physician may not recognize.

Included is a simple test you can take at home to discover if hypothyroidism may be the real, previously unsuspected cause of your ill health. If you know you are hypothyroid, Hypothyroidism: The Unsuspected Illness will answer your questions about your condition. If you suspect you may be or if you are unsure what may be causing those chronic headaches, infections, fatigue and low energy, it may help you find the answer.

The late Dr. Broda Barnes practiced medicine for more than thirty-five years. His experience with patients suffering from undiscovered cases of hypothyroidism led him to write this book. The foundation established in his name carries on his work with hypothyroidism.

Table of Contents

  1. The Many Faces of Thyroid Deficiency
  2. The Vital--and Errant--Gland
  3. The Flaw in Diagnosis...and Overcoming It
  4. The Thyroid and Fatigue
  5. Migraine and Other Headaches
  6. The Thyroid in Emotional and Behavioral Problems
  7. Infectious Diseases: Why, For Some, So Many
  8. The Thyroid and the Skin
  9. Menstrual Disorders, Fertility Problems and Avoiding Needless Surgery
  10. The Hypertension Association
  11. The Thyroid and Heart Attacks
  12. Arthritis
  13. The Thyroid, Diabetes, and Hypoglycemia
  14. The Thyroid, Lung Cancer, and Emphysema
  15. The Thyroid and Obesity: The Real-and Surprising Connections
  16. The Role of the Thyroid in Aging
  17. A Word About Thyroid Treatment