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Flake Lovers Flaker by Wolfgang Mock

Create fresh rolled oats, right in your own kitchen!

Wolfgang Mock's newest creation is a grain flaker that allows you to roll
oats or make flakes of any grain you choose, at home.

Flake Lovers Flaker can produce roughly 100 grams of fresh flakes per
minute at the touch of a button. For context, it takes about 2 minutes to
flake a half cup of oat groats which is enough for about 2 servings of hot
oatmeal cereal.

Reasonably quiet

The flaking happens relatively quietly. The two stainless steel rollers
crush grain and seeds with ease. You can have a conversation next to it. In
operation, the volume is around 60 dB.

What ingredients can be crushed?

Almost all types of grain: oats, spelt, rye, einkorn, emmer. All wheat

Rice and millet can be crushed, but are more likely to be powdered (as they
are very dry).

So-called pseudo-cereals such as buckwheat and quinoa.

Most oilseeds such as flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, sesame, hemp seeds, etc.
Incidentally, it is very important to crush flaxseed before consumption, as
only then can the body process the valuable nutrients (e.g. omega-3 fatty
acids). The flaxseed husk is simply too hard for the digestive system to
break it down on its own.

And which ones CANNOT be crushed?

Corn (too big), pumpkin seeds (too big), nuts like almonds, peanuts,
cashews (too oily), coffee, legumes (too big).

The flaker housing is made from the same renewable Arboblend® material
used for the Mockmill 100 and 200 grain mill housings. Arboblend® is a
high impact thermoplastic made of lignins from plant fiber that can be cast
into a mold just as easily as plastic. Lignin is a waste product in the
paper industry. This means that large quantities can be produced
inexpensively and sustainably.

Technical specifications:

    Motor power: 130 W (more than enough power to easily flake most grains)
    Motor speed: 115 rpm
    Voltage: 100-240V @ 50/60Hz (works on any power grid anywhere in the world)
    Housing: Arboblend® made from 100% renewable plant fibers
    Volume: 60dB
    Output: About 60 grams or 2.1 oz or ¼ cup per minute fresh flakes
    Hopper capacity: 200 grams or 7 oz (about ¾ cup)
    Base height for bowl: 180 mm (about 7″)
    Rollers: stainless steel (wear and corrosion resistant), 35 mm diameter, 12 mm width
    Dimensions H x W x D: 290 x 118 x 231 mm. About 11½ x 4½ x 9″.
    Weight: 3.5kg (a little over 7½ lbs)
    Warranty: 3 years for non commercial use
    Made in Germany

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Einkorn Ancient Grain image

The most nutritious way to consume any type of flour is by fresh milling and the mills we offer allow you to have a counter top appliance to handle the task. These elegant machines will not only make quick work of your grinding needs, they will beautify your kitchen in the process.

Grain mill designer, Wolfgang Mock, has been creating stone ground grain mills for over 40 years. His most recent collection is now available in the U.S. and we are glad to be able to bring these high quality, well designed, grain mills to our wonderful customers!

At the heart of all of these mills are the Corundum ceramic grinding stones, which are capable of turning the hardest grains into fine flour with a single pass. The cleanup is also very easy; just run a handful of white rice through the stones and you are all set for the next use.

Wolfgang utilizes a space-age material in Arboblend®, which is made from renewable resources, for the housing of the 100 & 200 models. The Lino and Professional models get an all wood housing with extra ventilation for keeping the motor cool. 

The German engineering and build quality are evident on the outside and the inside, where powerful and efficient industrial motors power these units. All models are designed and built in Germany and carry multi-year warranties depending on the model you choose and the intended use, whether in the home or for commercial use.

These mills are suitable for grinding dry grains, legumes, seeds and spices, but are not suitable for those with high oil content. For a list of approved products to be ground and those to avoid, please visit the PDF version of the manual for any of the models.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Due to shipping restrictions on certain items, this product can only be ordered on its own. 

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For any questions, open the help bubble at the bottom right of your screen and our customer support team will be happy to assist!

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