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Green Label Virgin Organic Coconut Oil

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Green Label Virgin Coconut Oil - Certified Organic
America’s source for coconut oil!

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Tropical Traditions Green Label Virgin Coconut Oil is a high quality machine-made Virgin Coconut Oil. Certified organic fresh coconuts are first dried and then the oil is cold-pressed out by machine. The Green label Virgin Coconut Oil maintains the smell and taste of coconuts.
Our Green Label Virgin Coconut Oil is made in a central location in the Philippines under strict quality control procedures to produce a consistent product that meets stringent organic certification standards.
This high quality Virgin Coconut Oil is NOT made from copra, but from certified organic fresh coconuts that are processed shortly after they are harvested. After the oil is cold-pressed out of the dried coconut meat, no further refining is needed.
Customer Comment:
As always, Tropical Traditions is not only a pleasure to deal with, but I love their products. Their customer service is outstanding and quickly will handle any issue (which is rare). I love their Green Label coconut oil. Thanks TT!! Jean - Placerville, CAAdelia

What is “Virgin Coconut Oil?”
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