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200 lbs. Ruby Lee Wheat Berries - (8 x 25 lb. bags)

200 lbs. Ruby Lee Wheat Berries - (8 x 25 lb. bags)

25 lb. Bag

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Our Ruby Lee wheat is a modern hard red winter wheat grown on a family farm in Oklahoma, under certified organic standards. 

Since USDA organic standards do not assure that the wheat is not contaminated with the herbicide glyphosate, we tested the wheat for this pervasive chemical and none was found in the batch we tested.

Wheat grown in the South is far less likely to be desiccated before harvest by spraying it with herbicides, which is a common practice in the northern states that grow wheat and want to harvest it before the first snowfall. 

Whole grain berries can be used as a rice substitute, flaked as a cereal, milled for flour, sprouted for greens, or grown as wheat grass.

Hard red winter wheat has excellent milling and bread baking characteristics.  It is used mainly for bread, rolls, flat breads, and all-purpose flour.

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