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Beet Kvass - 16 oz.
3 reviews

Beet Kvass - 16 oz.

Beet Kvass Probiotic Drink - 16 oz. - Ingredients: Filtered water, Organic beets and sea salt.

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Beet Kvass

Beet Kvas 16 oz. glass jarBeet Kvass with Ginger

What is Beet Kvass?

Kvass is a traditional Russian fermented beverage commonly made from rye bread.

Beet kvass is made from fermented beets and has become very popular in recent times due to the nutritional qualities of beets, which are enhanced when fermented. Beet kvass contains naturally occurring probiotics and is high in antioxidants. It is more hydrating than water due to natural electrolytes, and it has a tangy, salty taste that is very refreshing.

Most people recommend drinking up to 4 ounces once or twice a day as a tonic.

Healthy Traditions Beet Kvass

Healthy Traditions beet kvass is made by small-scale farmers in western Wisconsin. They grow their own beets using traditional agricultural principles, and Healthy Traditions tests the beet kvass for the presence of glyphosate.

We believe this is one of the highest quality of beet kvasses found anywhere!

Beet Kvass Nutrition Panel

Beet Kvass Ingredients:  Filtered water, organic beets and sea salt.
Beet Kvass with Ginger Ingredients:  Filtered water, organic beets, organic ginger and sea salt.

Note: We store the Beet Kvass cold in our warehouse at all times and should be refrigerated upon receipt. We ship this product unrefrigerated to save you shipping costs. This product can be sent unrefrigerated because it takes many days for the live cultures to wake up and restart the process of fermentation (which could then begin to alter the product taste). We only ship on a date that will allow the product to get to you within a week.

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A Healthy Traditions Customer
United States United States

Initially got 2 when it was on sale. Then devoured those bottles so quickly that I immediately purchased a whole box full. OMG, my body craves this juice, probably for the probiotics. I find it super tasty and feel amazing after drinking it. Now waiting for it go on sale again so I can get a whole dozen or more to have on hand. Amazing health benefits.

A Healthy Traditions Customer
Irene M.
United States United States

Bought originally when it was on sale. From the first sip I started to crave it - I’m sure my digestion was needing those good bacteria. So recently purchased a whole box full (not on sale). Now wishing I’d waited a few days cuz they went on sale again. But LOVING this drink. Super satisfying and delish!

United States United States
Beet Kvass

I just received this product today. WOW its powerful. I have juiced organic beets in my juicer and this taste as strong as the juice I make at home. I got this for the health benefit and the probiotics. Amazing product thank you Healthy Traditions.