Healthy Traditions Referral Program

Earn FREE GMO-tested and Glyphosate-tested Traditionally-produced products!
Our referral program earns $25.00 in coupons for each new customer.


Our Referral Program is easy to use and available to all customers without any approval process!

Do you find high quality organic food and healthy products outside of your normal budget? Would you like to find a way to purchase healthy products and stay within your current budget? Would you like to eat grass-fed meats, pastured chicken, soy-free eggs, organic coconut products and many other organic foods at every meal?

Now you have that opportunity with our easy to use referral program! For each new customer you refer to purchase products from our Healthy Traditions product line, you will earn a $25.00 gift certificate that works just like a coupon for any products you purchase from Healthy Traditions.

Use these gift certificates to purchase GMO-tested and Glyphosate-tested Traditional food, virgin coconut oil skin care products, non-toxic household products, health appliances, and more!

There are no limits to the number of gift certificates you can earn, they never expire, and you can even combine them together for larger purchases!

If you refer enough people, you could literally buy all of your food and non-toxic household products from our Healthy Traditions for FREE.

How the Referral Program Works - simply refer products with easy-to-use custom links:

From our Healthy Traditions website, you can choose any one of our hundreds of high quality healthy products and generate a referral link to the product page for that specific product using our Referral Link Generator below. 

Simply copy the url from any product or page on our website and enter it into the Referral Link Generator. Send these custom referral links to friends and family or post them to your blog, website, or Facebook page, allowing new customers to order via your own custom referral link.

Healthy Traditions has enhanced our referral program so that our referral members will now earn residual income from future purchases of any new customers they have referred. Here is how the system works:

1. The first time a new customer places an order through one of your referral links (by clicking on your custom link), your account will be credited with a $25 gift certificate for the referral and the new customer will receive a free copy of the Virgin Coconut Oil book. This is the same as what we currently are doing.

2. If the customer you referred places any future orders with Tropical Traditions, your account will be credited with reward points equivalent to 3% of the order total (each point is worth $1).

Example: If the new customer from referral link comes back and makes future purchase (say $150), we will give 3% (150*.03) reward points. So, you will earn 4.5 reward points which is equivalent to $4.50 when you redeem these points for a gift certificate. Gift certificates can be redeemed for each $25 accrued.

The new feature will show up in your Healthy Traditions account, at the top of your Gift Certificates page. To view your gift certificates, log into your account and click on "Gift Certificates" on the right-hand side. Once you start accruing points, you will see a section appear at the top of that page called "Your Reward Points". Please note that this section will not show up in your account until one of your past referrals places a new order. Once that referral places an order, this new feature will activate and begin showing up in your account.

You must be logged into your account for Healthy Traditions so that the code or link you generate will result in a $25.00 coupon for you.

Please note: You must be an existing customer (have received at least one order from us) to use this referral program. Your $25.00 gift certificates will appear on separate invoice/orders under your account.

After you log into your account, you will find a list of all your gift certificates in the right menu under “My Gift Certificates.” Gift certificate redemption codes are listed here, and also in the tab “My Orders.” 

Redeem this code as a Payment option during the checkout process. The minimum order requirement of $20.00 must be met when redeeming the gift certificate.

Also, any dollar amount left over after applying a gift certificate will be stored and available for future orders. These gift certificates never expire, however, so you can collect them and use them only when you need to.

Gift certificate redemption is good towards the value of any product in your cart. For larger orders, combine your unused gift certificates under the tab “My Gift Certificates Balance Transfer."  Select any gift certificates with a balance by clicking the box next to it, and then select “Transfer to this” to combine all the selected gift certificates into one new gift certificate. (You must be logged into “My Account” to combine gift certificates.)

In addition, the person who comes to us via your referral link and makes a first-time purchase will also receive a FREE gift, our book "Virgin Coconut Oil: How it has changed people's lives and how it can change yours!" This book is packed with testimonies and solid research showing how healthy coconut oil is, and it also includes over 85 recipes showing how people can incorporate coconut into their diet. So you can advertise this as an incentive to encourage them to purchase. Links to our products currently on sale will result in the most sales.

Image of the best selling book, Virgin Coconut Oil. Learn about the health benefits of Coconut Oil, read over 100 testimonials from Virgin Coconut Oil users and do not miss over 85 coconut recipes.

The book will be added automatically to any first-time customer that purchases from one of your links. So start referring your friends to our specific products (especially sale items) and start earning cash towards your future purchases through our referral program! The best place to start is with our current sales here. You can also generate a referral link to this sales page.

Guidelines and Agreement

To comply with FTC law, you must disclose to people clicking on your referral link that you are potentially benefiting from their purchase. We recommend the following text displayed anywhere you use a referral link: "If you order by clicking on any of my links and have never ordered from Healthy Traditions/Tropical Traditions in the past, you will receive a free book on Virgin Coconut Oil, and I will receive a discount coupon for referring you." Failure to display a proper disclosure statement could result in discontinuation of the referral program.

When you copy your referral code with your unique ID, you also agree to only use referral gift certificates to redeem products for your own personal use only, and not for resale. Healthy Traditions does not authorize anyone using the referral code and redeeming gift certificates for the purchase of products from our websites to resell the products.

If you hold a valid business license or seller's permit, you need to contact our Wholesale department to obtain wholesale status and abide by our wholesale reseller agreement. Unused gift certificates, however, may be given or sold to other individuals, as they are transferrable.

Use Referral Links to Our Most Popular Pages and Also Earn Gift Certificates!

Below you will find the code to use for our most popular pages that lead to increased sales: Our Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil page (#1 page on our site), our Home Page, How to Use Coconut Oil (page showing all the ways coconut oil can be used in cooking), and What is Virgin Coconut Oil? (showing how coconut oils are produced and defining the Gold Label standard).

Use these links to increase your chances of earning referral gift certificates! (Note that you must be logged into your account and be an existing customer to build these links below.)

Referral Link Generator

Use our Referral Link Generator to enter any URL from and generate a referral link to earn FREE GMO-tested and Glyphosate-tested Traditionally-produced products! (Requires account login)

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250 x 250 Olive oil120 x 240 olive oil image
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The Healthy Buyer's Club: Organic and GMO-Free Products at Bulk Discount Rates image

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to be a member of the Healthy Buyer's Club?

Answer: Anyone who has at least one order in our system already has an account in the Healthy Buyer's Club and can use the referral program. Paid Healthy Buyer's Club memberships allow one to purchase bulk items at a discount, and this membership is NOT necessary to participate in our referral program.

2. I never purchased any products from you, but I received a product without purchasing (e.g., recipe rewards, contest winners, press review free samples, etc.). Can I still participate in the referral program?

Answer: Yes!

3. Can I redeem the referral credits and also use other coupons at the same time?

Answer: No, gift certificates work like coupons and cannot be used together with other coupons.

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