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What is the Healthy Buyer's Club?

The Healthy Buyer's Club is a premiere online delivery service with access to high quality foods and health products traditionally not found in stores.

You can enjoy some of the finest food and healthiest products available anywhere in America delivered directly to your home!

  • No boxes: you choose what you want, and how much!
  • No schedule: order at your convenience - no automatic shipments!
  • Safe shopping from your home: all of our products are committed to being Glyphosate and GMO-tested, organic or higher standards, and non-toxic. (See below for details.)
  • Direct from the farm: we have a growing number of products you can purchase directly from small-scale farmers, including our pastured soy-free eggs!
  • NO auto-renewal! You sign up for the plan you want, and there is NEVER an auto-renewal you have to cancel.
  • Bulk Rates on many retail products found on the Healthy Traditions website.

What can you order from the Healthy Buyer's Club and have delivered to your home?

  • Grass-fed meats from small-scale producers
  • Pastured soy-free eggs directly from the farm
  • Hand-made traditional organic Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil from small-scale producers in the Philippines
  • Wild-caught Alaskan fish sourced direct from fishermen in Alaska (Seasonal - when available)
  • Fresh farm produce shipped from Midwest farms (Seasonal - when available)
  • Virgin Coconut Oil skin care items, and non-toxic household cleaners
  • Weekly sales on bulk and case items! (See current sales)
  • And so much more!

The Healthy Buyer's Club provides online retail purchasing for all Tropical Traditions, Grass-Fed Traditions, and Household Traditions products. A paid membership is NOT required to purchase these retail products.

A paid membership in the Healthy Buyer's Club provides one with access to bulk discount prices on the Tropical Traditions, Grass-Fed Traditions, and Household Traditions line of retail products, as well as other organic and natural products available only in bulk sizes.

Tropical Traditions was the first company to bring Organic Virgin Coconut Oil to the U.S. market from the Philippines, and now offers a full line of quality organic products. Grass-Fed Traditions offers 100% grass-fed meat and dairy products, as well as pastured poultry products from small-scale family farmers.

Household Traditions offers nontoxic household products and health appliances. All of our products are committed to being Glyphosate-tested, and meet or exceed USDA organic standards.

Gather together your friends and neighbors, purchase a membership, and start your own local co-op now!

Do you know where your food is coming from??




How Did the Healthy Buyer's Club Start?

The Healthy Buyer's Club was started by Brian Shilhavy, the founder of Healthy Traditions:
When my family was forced to leave the Philippines, we had to adapt our eating and lifestyle from living in a rural agricultural area of the Philippines, where we had access to a local public market and fresh farm goods produced in our community and the areas surrounding it, to buying food on the shelves of stores where we had little or no knowledge of those who produced the food. As we settled back into life in the United States, I sought out healthy food sources that I felt we could trust to meet the nutritional and health needs of our family.

Finding good food sources and healthy products is an ongoing endeavor, and the products represented here are the products I have trusted to meet the needs of my own family. I won't sell you products that I won't use personally or give to my children. With meats and dairy products also, it is not enough to simply be "organic." We believe that animals raised on pasture produce much more nutritious food that animals in feed lots eating organic grains and organic soy, and so we give preference to animals humanely raised on grass and sunshine. We also believe in traditional agriculture and protecting our natural resources.

Since high quality products cost more, the Healthy Buyer's Club was established to provide an opportunity for families and others to purchase these products in bulk quantities at a discount price, and have them delivered to your door.

How are Products Chosen for the Healthy Buyer's Club?

We have a strong commitment to family farming and traditional standards that exceed current USDA organic standards. We have a strong commitment to supply foods uncontaminated with the herbicide glyphosate or GMOs, and currently have the toughest standards in the business when it comes to GMOs and the herbicide Glyphosate, having a ZERO tolerance policy. We test products that have genetically modified equivalents, and we do not sell any products that test positive for any presence of GMO DNA. We test almost ALL of our products for Glyphoate. See our Glyphosate-tested and GMO-Tested standards for more details.

Healthy Traditions GMO tested

Also, the organic label is not enough for us. We are in the process of defining our own standards and developing our own labeling certificates, and will be publishing those soon.

We research and find out where the products are produced, and how they are produced. We find that some organic standards are too loose for our trust, so we look beyond what is claimed on a label. We find out as much as possible about those who provide the products. And if a certain quality of product does not exist, we will work with others to produce that product and offer it to our consumers. We did that with Virgin Coconut Oil in the Philippines, and we have done the same thing since coming back to live here in the US with our soy-free eggs and soy-free pastured poultry.

Our Pastured Poultry chickens are raised on Cocofeed. When we began looking for a good source of chicken raised on pasture, we found that all the organic chickens available to us, even those raised on pasture, were fed a high concentration of soybeans, and this concerned us. So after two years of research, we finally came up with an organic feed that was soy-free and utilized the coconut pulp that was left over after the coconut oil was extracted from it. In May 2006 we introduced these chickens to our customers, and the following year we also raised turkeys on this feed which are now also available.

Then in 2008 we were asked to provide some of our Cocofeed to a study being done at Ohio State University as it was the only soy-free chicken feed available to be used in a study that showed soy protein was passed into the yolks of eggs from chickens fed high concentrations of soy. We found out that egg-laying chickens fed our Cocofeed had the soy protein in their egg yolks disappear within 10 days of being on our feed. So we worked with farmers in Wisconsin to raise egg-laying chickens on our Cocofeed, and in 2010 we began offering soy-free organic eggs to our consumers as well.

In 2013, we added a line of wild-caught Alaskan fish sourced directly from fishermen in Alaska. This fish has been tested to be free from the radiation concerns coming out of the waters of Japan.

We want you to feel safe when shopping in our online store, so we have a commitment to you to not sell anything that is harmful to the best of our knowledge. All of our foods are either certified organic or meet quality standards that are equal to or higher than organic certification. This includes no GMOs. This is quite different from most health food stores, where you have to be "on your guard" as most of them offer conventional products right alongside organic products, because they want to offer a full selection of products to compete with regular grocery stores. In addition, we have found that label claims for "organic" or "non-GMO" are being used more and more for cheaper commodity food by large corporations who do not have as much control over the sources of their products, and cannot be fully trusted.

We would rather offer fewer products, and stick to our high standards, so that you can feel safe when shopping here.

Fats and Oils

We believe strongly that there is much confusion in the area of fats and oils in the US today. We believe that there is too much soy in the American diet (soy was not a major component of our diet prior to World War II), so we do our best to make sure that soy is not an ingredient in any of the products that we sell. We also believe that there are too many polyunsaturated refined oils in the American diet, and as a result an overabundance of the Omega 6 fatty acids in our food today. We believe the traditional fats and oils that have been consumed in traditional cultures for hundreds if not thousands of years are still the healthiest fats and oils available to us today, including coconut oil, olive oil, palm oil, sesame oil, and butter from the milk of pastured animals.

What's Ahead?

The Healthy Buyer's Club is still in its infancy, and many more products will be added as we move forward, and find people producing products that meet our high standards. We are already working with farmers to be able to drop ship products directly to your home from the farm, and our selection of fresh farm products is growing. In time, we hope to also setup regional centers where you can pick up local food produced close to your community. We are in the process of publishing our standards for "traditionally produced" food that far exceeds any other labeling or certification programs currently in the market.

So join us today and help restore responsible, healthy food production in the US and around the world, and have that food delivered to your door. The larger we grow as an online community, the more opportunities we will have to obtain healthy products and positively change our society!

Join the Healthy Buyer's Club!

Brian Shilhavy

Healthy Traditions, Inc.