Glass and Surface Cleaner

Glass and Surface Cleaner

Glass and Surface Cleaner
Ammonia and alcohol free!

New and improved formulation coming soon!

Glass and Surface Cleaner - 32 oz. Glass and Surface Cleaner - 1 gallon
  • No ammonia, alcohol or harsh volatile solvents
  • 0% VOC (Volatile organic Compounds)
  • No rinsing required
  • Non-streaking
  • No fragrance or dye added

Household Traditions Glass and Surface Cleaner uses a revolutionary technology which guards your health from harmful irritants and inhalants yet effortlessly cleans glass and most surfaces without the use of ammonia, alcohol, or harsh, volatile solvents normally found in most glass and surface cleaners; even those labeled “natural.” Household Traditions Glass and Surface Cleaner contains no fragrances or dyes.

Directions for use: Spray Household Traditions Glass and Surface Cleaner directly onto the glass or surface to be cleaned. For a fast drying, streak free finish, wipe with a clean, lint free, dry cloth. NO RINSING IS NECESSARY! Household Traditions Glass and Surface Cleaner can be used on ALL glass including treated glass, auto windshields, Plexiglas, light fixtures, and mirrors. It can also be used on chrome, appliances, vinyl, stainless steel, plastic, porcelain, countertops, walls, floors and more! It is ideal for computers and computer screens (spray onto cloth and wipe). If unsure about a surface, test in a small hidden area first.

Contains water and mild plant-based surfactants.

Customer Comments:

I have a flat surface glass stovetop. I manage to keep it clean with Tropical Traditions Dishwashing Liquid and water. It wasn’t until I used the Tropical Traditions Glass and Surface Cleaner that it looked shiny. I even used the Glass and Surface Cleaner on my stainless steel double oven and dishwasher and they look great! Julie - California

Excellent order process, super fast delivery, really friendly customer service. I love Tropical Traditions products. I order their virgin coconut oil regularly and use their vinegar, coconut flakes and shreds, chocolate, tomato sauce, household cleaners, eggs, fresh meat especially chickens. It's all really fine stuff. I've been using them for years and would encourage anyone to give them a try. Sue - San Rafael, CA

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