Hulled Millet

Hulled Millet

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Millet has been an important grain in Africa and Asia for several thousands of years. This healthy grain is high in fiber as well as a good source of manganese, copper, phosphorus and magnesium and is also gluten free. It is very versatile in the kitchen as well. When prepared with various methods it can be enjoyed in many different ways. When boiled it can be made similar to rice or a porridge. It can also be roasted in a dry pan first, to bring out a slightly sweet nutty flavor. When ground into a flour it can be added to other flours or can be used alone to make flat breads such as rotis or tortillas.  Millet flour oxidizes rapidly, so we suggest using a grain mill to make your own fresh flour at home.

We are proud to bring you Hulled Millet grown on a single farm in Italy. This farm is certified organic and never uses chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Our millet has also been lab tested for glyphosate and none was found in our sample.

The hulled millet can be prepared similar to rice or can be ground on a grain mill to make your own fresh flour at home.

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