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Organic Enterprise Apples

Organic Enterprise Apples

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Organic Enterprise Apple

Our organic Enterprise apples come from a small-scale family orchard in rural southwestern Wisconsin. This is known as the "driftless" area of Wisconsin, because glaciers drifted around this area during the glacial period. This resulted in a unique geographical area of rolling hills and valleys that the early settlers of Wisconsin recognized as having rich soil for grass and crops. The four seasons and harsh winters allow for the natural death of organic plant life that returns nutrient rich organic matter to the soil each year. 

Our apples are grown without the use of any chemicals or anti-biotics, which are still allowed under current USDA organic rules, so while there may be some blemishes that appear on the skin, these are among the highest quality apples you will find in the U.S. The orchard where these apples were grown is certified organic and practices sustainable agriculture.  The orchard caretakers use animals to control weeds and insects, which in turn provides aeration and fertilization of the orchard floor.

The Enterprise apple has a juicy, spicy, rich flavor that mellows over time with a firm texture. Initially after picking, the Enterprise has a bit of a tart flavor, but after a month in storage the flavor begins to turn sweeter.  It also lends itself well to cooking making it a good dual purpose apple.  It is known to keep for up to 6 months in a refrigerator or root cellar, so if you would like to have sweet apples all winter long, be sure to stock up and save with our 10 pound size. 

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Note: Produce and Wisconsin farm items are shipped directly from the farm on Monday through Wednesday each week. Combine with other Wisconsin farm products into one shipment! These products cannot be shipped to APO, FPO, or DPO military addresses.

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