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GMO-Tested Corn

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GMO-Tested Corn Back in Stock After 1 Year Absence!

Photo of Organic Corn Meal made from GMO-free heirloom corn Organic Heirloom Whole Kernel Corn GMO-free photo

GMO-tested Cornmeal and Whole Kernel Corn

GMO-Tested and Glyphosate-Tested Open Pollinated Corn Fresh from the Farm!

Tropical Traditions brings you GMO-tested and glyphosate-tested open-pollinated corn! We had to suspend sales of our GMO-Tested corn from Wisconsin in 2013 after that year's harvest tested positive for trace amounts of GMOs. Now, more than a year later, we have a new harvest with a new variety that has been tested for GMOs.

In addition, we learned late in 2014 that many USDA certified organic products in the market contained trace amounts of the herbicide glyphosate, so we have now implemented a Glyphosate-Tested program as well, and the 2014 harvest of our Wisconsin corn has been tested for glyphosate, in addition to GMOs.

Grown on small Amish family farms, it is husked and shelled by hand much the same way as it was done 100 years ago. This open pollinated cornmeal and whole kernel corn is shipped to you direct from the farm, ensuring that the cornmeal has been freshly ground by hand prior to shipping it to you. If you have your own grinder or mill, order the whole kernel corn which stores longer, and make it yourself!

Photo of Farm Growing Organic Corn GMO-Free

GMO-tested corn shielded by a ridge and forest far from GM crops on other farms.

Open Pollinated Corn that is GMO-Tested and Glyphosate-Tested

Our GMO-Tested and Glyphosate-Tested open pollinated corn is grown on small family farms with buffer zones, ensuring that the places where the corn is planted is not downwind from any other conventional corn fields that may be using genetically modified seeds. In addition, they plan the timing of their planting each year to have it pollinate at a different time than when GMO varieties of corn in the area are due to pollinate.

Watch the video below from one of the farms to see an example of how this traditional corn is grown, and how they ensure proper buffer zones are in place to prevent cross contamination from other farms. The extra care they take is far beyond what is required by current USDA organic standards. Current organic standards do not require any special buffer zones for the growing of organic corn, therefore much of the supply of certified organic corn in the U.S. could possibly be contaminated by GMO cross pollination.

Our farmers have told us many stories about how their farm animals, such as chickens, prefer their GMO-tested corn over other varieties. In addition, wild deer in the area will go right through neighboring corn fields without eating it in order to reach the farms growing their GMO-tested open pollinated corn.

GMO-Tested Corn Grown on Small Bio-diverse farms Practicing Traditional and Sustainable Farming Methods

As the video below shows, this GMO-Tested corn is not grown in mono-crop fields, like the ones that are typically seen while driving through the Midwest section of the US, where one can see rows and rows of nothing but corn. Our organic heirloom corn is grown on bio-diverse farms that include other crops, along with farm animals that graze the fields, or pastured chickens that provide oursoy-free eggs.  Since this is an open pollinated corn, some corn is saved each year as seed stock for next year's planting.

The area of Wisconsin where this GMO-tested corn grows is known as the "driftless" area. This is the same area where our pastured poultry, grass-fed beef, and grass-fed lamb, originates from. It is called the "driftless" area because glaciers drifted around this area during the glacial period. As a result, this area is unique and consists of rolling hills and valleys that the early settlers of Wisconsin recognized as having rich soil for grass and crops. The harsh winters allow for the natural death of organic plant life that returns nutrient rich organic matter to the soil each year. We personally visit and tour these farms every summer (see video below). We believe this is some of the finest open pollinated corn you will find anywhere!

Try our GMO-Tested and Glyphosate-Tested open pollinated corn today
and experience how real corn is supposed to taste!

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Note: Produce items are shipped directly from the farm on Monday through Wednesday each week. Combine with other Wisconsin farm products into one shipment! These products cannot be shipped to APO, FPO, or DPO military addresses.


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Sustainable Farm Produce

Note: Farm produce shipments from the farmers incur a separate shipping charge.Find more organic farm produce here from our Wisconsin Farmers and save on shipping!

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